About Plague inc

Plague Inc APK is a very attractive and realistic game that contains real-time strategy and simulation. This game runs on an android and ios platform game which is developed by Ndemic Creation plague inc. (MOD, UNLOCKED).

This game is so creative and allows the user to have a unique quality time with it because the game not going to make you bored and will give you a lot of fun. This gameplay is about an evil scientist so in this game your mission is to end all humanity by spreading the evil virus across the globe.

This plague inc pro apk will allow you to play as an evil crazy scientist who makes various dangerous viruses that will infect humans with deadly diseases that cannot be cured easily. The evil scientist wants to infect every person on the globe so you will make a virus that leads to poison all humanity.

Plague Inc APK
Plague Inc APK

The Gameplay

At the starting of the plague inc scenario creator apk you just infect 1 person then the infected person infects others but there are some challenges for you because other humans, who are trying to survive, will try to invent the cure by vaccination, antidotes, and antivirus. The vaccine and antidotes will help them to get over your virus so you just have to think the way that they could not get the cure.

You can do it easily in starting but when you reach higher level things will go to tough but all over the gameplay is easy to understand. After spending several minutes in the game you will see yourself as a kind of god who decides the destiny of humans that how many should live their life or how many have to leave the world.

By creating simple viruses, microbes, bacteria you will destroy all the enemies. You have to try to create a new virus because of antidotes of the previous virus that was invented by the enemy. Always try to improve your tactics and skills to evolve a more deadly virus and new pathogens that can hit a large number of population and can rapidly spread all over the world.

This game stands on top of paid game charts. There are more than 60 million downloads on google play and iOS and still rising. That is showing its popularity among thousands of games. This is the best free to play simulation game with realistic graphics.

Screenshots Of the Game

Support and requirements

Android 5.0 or latest, minimum 1 GB ram, space required 250mb

Apk Size52.2 MB
Android Version RequiresAndroid 4.1+ & UP
UpdatedFebruary 21, 2019
Content RatingRated for 7+

What are Features of plague inc premium apk?

  • Realistic High-Definition graphics with a beautiful stunning interface.
  • Graphics with all details, realistic world map with artificial intelligence technique.
  • Inbuilt help, inbuilt tutorial system, and three different levels for beginners.
  • Consist of 12 different types of major diseases to evolve new ones to master.
  • Online autosave feature of your progress.
  • World map consists of more than 50 country and more than hundreds of events.
  • In-game support and ranking system and achievements.

How to download Plague Inc APK (Mod) on android?

  1. In this first step, you need to click on download button of Plague Inc APK .
  2. Once you download this game, the second step is to find out the app from your phone.
  3. After that, install and open the Plague Inc APK on your smartphone.
  4. Finally, you can go to home page of this amazing app and then play this game.

Final Verdict

Plague inc APK game is very realistic and tells us why we must need to increase funding using (plague inc steam) for a biological research institute and to take steps to encourage vaccination. Especially with the dangerous and immediate threats posed by diseases like the dengue, flu and ebola virus, coronavirus, nifa virus, and other bacterial diseases.

You need to raise this serious issue of rapidly evolving new diseases. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this game as you can start it from any level. You can play for hours and hours on the end here you will get updates of your progress by really ironic notifications.