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Niantic has always been coming out with new features for Pokémon Go. Apart from the trading and friends list, which were both introduced to the mobile game earlier this year, the developer has recently announced that it is working on a PokeStop nomination system. The latest in the news is that it has revealed another new feature on the way to the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync APK.

By making this addition to the Pokémon Go with the Adventure Sync, the players will now be able to keep the track of your walking distance even when Pokémon Go is idle. Therefore, it would prove to be a helpful or a handy addition, particularly for the hatching Eggs; previously, Pokémon Go would only track your walking distance while Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Game was initially launched, so if you were trying to hatch a Pokémon, you would have to leave it running as you walked.

Now the Niantic says that Adventure Sync will actually be able to provide you with a weekly summary which will display your Incubator and Candy progress, along with other activity stats. Now you will also be able to earn rewards each time you cross a certain milestone and you will also be able to set push notifications for when an Egg is about to hatch, or your Buddy Pokémon discovers a Candy.

You might also be surprised to find that there are some familiar faces returning, including Professor Oak, Pewter City gym leader Brock, and Cerulean City gym leader Misty. But, remember that the “Let’s Go’s” rival is going to be a completely new character.Pokemon Go Adventure Sync APK

Of course, now the trainers can also challenge each other online or via local wireless communication between Switch consoles, along with getting to trade Pokémon. But you will also need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for the internet-based features. The service for which will be launched in September.

Also, don’t get amazed by some of the new info on the Poké Ball Plus, which can be used to play “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” in place of a Joy-Con. Now by using Pokemon Go Adventure Sync APK, people can bring one of their Pokémon from the games with them as they explore the real world.

The Mythical Pokémon Mew is going to be available in the Poké Ball Plus, Nintendo said, and the players will be able to transfer it to their games. The Poké Ball Plus will be available soon to buy separately at retail alongside “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” on November 16th.Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Game

Although, Niantic has not yet announced when the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync APK is going to officially roll out the Adventure Sync feature, yes, the developers of the game said that it is “coming soon.” With the coming of this new feature, you will also be able to connect with Apple Health on and Google Fit depending on the type of handset you are using presently. For more info just log in to the Pokémon Go website.


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