Pravasi Rojgar App

The pandemic Coronavirus has changed the lives of people. Many migrant workers were stuck and unable to reach their hometown. In such an adverse condition actor, Sonu Sood has helped many workers to reach their hometown with family. He has worked as a savior and has helped more than 1000 migrant workers across the country.

But it does not stop here as he has launched a job app named “Pravasi Rojgar App”. This app will help all such workers and students to get details regarding different jobs along with important information. This app was launched on 20th July and very soon it would be available on Google Play store. The main of the actor is not just to help workers to reach their home but also to find some stable job for steady income.

What is Pravasi Rojgar app?

It is an app that will help workers and unemployed people to find a job for themselves. The Pravasi Rojgar App will have links, information along with various training program that can make easy to apply for different jobs. The best part is there is no need to pay a single penny to install the app. The app has various sectors of job opportunities so that one can apply based on their knowledge and skills.

This initiative is to help people in getting employment to earn a livelihood. Migrant workers will find an opportunity to get some job for themselves as many of them are currently jobless. Candidates can find an option to upload their resume which is not mandatory but it would make it easy to find a job. It is an open platform where people would get full information and support to find a job for themselves.


  • Pravasi Rojgar app has job opportunities from 500 reputed companies in different areas like construction, security, automobile, healthcare, engineering, etc.
  • The app also has various training programs that would help to get training for particular job requirements. This can be like spoken English, BPO training, automobile, etc. 
  • The app also has a toll free number that would be available 24*7 to get support from the team. The support team is set up at Thiruvantpuram, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.
  • The interface and working of the app are quite simple. Soon, it will be available on Google Store so that everyone can install it for free and find new job openings.
  • It will also help employers as they can get resumes of candidates and shortlist them based on their skills. Thus not only candidates but employers would also find it as a useful platform to find the right candidates for the post.


  1. Who is the main owner of the Pravasi Rojgar App?

Pravasi Rojgar App is owned and launched by actor Sonu Sood. It is an initiative to help people in finding jobs based on their skills and also get an option to enroll themselves in various training programs. The mobile platform makes it very easy for everyone to find a job for themselves.

  1. How do the Pravasi Rojgar job portals work?

The working of the app is quite simple and it is easy to apply for different jobs. First, you need to install the app in your device and register with the app. There are links regarding different openings and so apply accordingly.

  1. Do you need to pay for using the app?

This job portal app is different from other normal apps and you are not required to pay anything for it. This app is available free of cost and everyone can easily install it in their device.

Pravasi Rojgar is developed with an initiative to help the village community to find a job for themselves. Many reputed companies have enrolled themselves and thus one can get links and information about all new openings. People can apply based on their knowledge and skills for a particular job. Thus, unemployed people would be able to find a job and get a steady income for easy living.

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