Priyanka Chopra Dating App: Everyone in today’s new world which is now almost run by the technology surrounding us, like to spend a lot of time in the social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. In our 24 hours, most of our time goes on these platforms.

We connect to our family members, friends, colleagues and beloved ones through the Internet. A new trend of making new friends and finding Love online has emerged. Just like Tinder, Happn a new dating app has joined the party in India which is Bumble.

The most special thing about Priyanka Chopra Dating App is that the brand ambassador and partner of the app’s company is the popular Bollywood and Hollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. The Bumble is owned by Whitney Wolfe, who is the co-founder of Tinder.

Reports tell that the established company has a market value of over 1 Billion and successfully works in 160 countries. On the launch event of this app in India, a party was organized in New York in which Priyanka Chopra and Whitney Wolfe were also present to celebrate the moments.

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Priyanka Chopra Dating App Launch
Priyanka Chopra Dating App Launch

Bumble app aims in women empowerment and their freedom. It is actually a feminist app in which females are given more freedom, security, and privacy. For start using the app, females are only required to give an initial and then simply can start surfing the app.

For proper authenticity of accounts and decreasing the number of fake accounts, every account is verified with a blue tick. Hindi version of the app is also available so that it can be used by everyone in the country. The future of the app is bright in India and the company is also looking for the same after being working in 160 countries.

The Bumble Company remained in controversies for a time when it filed a case against their parent company Tinder for stealing their marketing strategies. Now the case has been dropped and they are looking for increasing their profit by spreading the app in other countries.

Bumble is most successful in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. The US is the largest market and the highest growth markets are from the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Let’s see how people react to it.

The special thing about the Indian version of the app is that language and cultural localization has been integrated. Just like what it takes in arranging a real marriage in India, all such options are included in the app like religion, astrological signs, mention that a person drinks or not, smoke or not, has some hobbies, etc.

The Priyanka Chopra Dating App looks to have a perfect market and business strategies for targeting the Indian market and Indian youth. The key features which are most loved are the movement supporting women empowerment and integrated features like selecting your religion, astrology, and habits.

Now let’s see how it performs against the popular competitor existing in India which is the Tinder. So this is all about the Priyanka Chopra Bumble Dating app.