About PSchool.In App

PSchool.In App: The widespread coronavirus has stopped our life and it is getting very difficult for everyone to pass their time at home. As schools are closed and children cannot go out to play it is getting very difficult for parents to entertain them.

As children are at home they spent most of their time on mobile playing games or watching videos. To help parents and children pschool.in has launched a webpage that brings many learning options for kids.

PSchool.In App

How to use PSchool.In App?

This is just a web page that can easily be accessed on mobile and computer. You are not required to go install or download it is just a web page. You need to enter http://pschool.in/  in your mobile or computer browser to use this web page. It is quite easy to use and one does not need a single penny to use this web page.

Once you open the webpage through the browser, there are three vertical dots and thus selecting the option “Add to home screen” you can get an icon on the homepage. So, from next time launch the app from the home screen and help your children to learn something in the mobile itself.

What is available in PSchool.In App?

During the curfew, parents find it very hard to keep their children engaged. In this situation using such applications can prove very helpful as it will keep children busy and also help them to learn something even in lockdown.

Most children use mobile to play games but by using this type of learning apps that can pass their time and learn something even at home. PSchool.In App has many things like reading, grammar, Sudoku, crosswords, word searching, memory development and much more.

They can find something new which will help them to learn and also stay engaged for hours. Parents can help children to use this learning app and give them assignments based on it. Thus without going to school children would be able to learn something at home.

In addition to this, there are maths workout that has decimal to binary, multiplication, division and much more. Parents can enter their problems or make children understand the examples given in the app. Thus it is the best time where parents can help children to have a strong base and also make it easy to pass the time.

This app is also useful for small kindergarten kids as it has poems, dialogues, poems and much more. 

Benefits of using pschool.in

  • Pschool.in is a webpage that does not need to get installed and thus it is completely safe to use. You just need to add a web address to use the app.
  • There is no need for any registration or signing for using this learning app. Just write the address on the browser and start trying out different learning activities.
  • Many apps that are installed in mobile ask to read permission like contacts, messages, file system, etc. but this app does not need any such permission. So, it is completely safe to use this app on mobile and helps children in learning.
  • It is possible to add this app on the home screen so that every time you can launch it like any other apps.
  • It also has the option to learn the Tamil language so if your child does not know to read or write Tamil uses this app to make it easy.
  • PSchool.In App is executable on mobile so that children don’t get bored while doing any learning task. They find it enjoyable and interesting to use mobile for learning.
  • Parents who have small children can also use the app to keeps kids engage with poems and stories. This app has everything for children that can keep them engaged at home during the curfew.

Parents who are finding it very hard to make their children enter tine in curfew can use this learning app. It is very easy to use and has many memory tasks that can entertain them for hours. So, instead of getting bored utilize the time in helping children to learn something.

It will work on maths, learning, reading, vocabulary and much more for keeping them entertained. If you too have small children just use the app and help children to learn even without going to school.