About Pubg Apk New Update 0.16

PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games got 0.16 update for its mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. Pubg Apk New Update 0.16 is also known as Player Unknown’s Battleground, is an online multiplayer battle Royale Game. The developers of this app Lightspeed and Quantum promises a night mode for the Erangel map, Halloween themed cosmetics and a revamped Royal Pass mission page.

The collaboration between publisher Tencent and Japanese streetwear brand BAPE brought about a shark hoodie, a BAPE frying pan, and other BAPE branded accessories and items in Pubg Apk New Update 0.16 game. The app has many unique features like the night mode in Erangel map which will alternate between day and night randomly.

Halloween theme is added which will make interaction with other players on Spawn Island by picking up pumpkins and candies. The Crews are limited to six players. According to Data Agency Sensor Tower, PUBG dominates Asia and China with the US making only 30% of PUBG’s revenue.

PUBG 0.16 Mobile APK is no slouch when it comes to bringing new features to the game as well as receiving updates from visual improvements and seasonal events.PUBG 0.9.0 APK

How to Download Pubg Apk New Update 0.16?

Pubg Apk New Update 0.16 can be downloaded from the Google Play store or iOS App store and the app is free of cost. The size for download is 608MB on Android. The PUBG 0.16 Android APK brings a new updated look to the game by getting into the Halloween spirit to get spooky. The updated has a lot of changes and also has added a new weapon.

The new version of PUBG is very amazing and you will definitely enjoy this with your friends. The new update adds dynamic day and night mode in Erangel so now get ready for some dangerous night time combat. The update also comes up with QBU DMR to Sanhok along with a new vehicle exclusive to Sanhok.PUBG 0.9.0 Android APK

Once you have downloaded this app on the Google Play store or the Apple App store, the update will download itself as soon as you launch the game. So make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi at the time of downloading to avoid using your data plan. PUBG 0.16 Mobile is one of the most highly recommended games on the Smart Phone.

How to Install Pubg Apk New Update 0.16?

Download Pubg Apk New Update 0.16 files on your Android and iOS devices. Once you have downloaded the PUBG, click on the install icon to install the app. The new version of the app which has the Halloween theme has rumors that they will add some costumes on PUBG Mobile update and the users are very excited about it.Download PUBG 0.9.0 APK

The Tencent teams have also added a new challenge mode without any minimap indicators. But this mode is only for Erangel. The new QBU Marksman Rifle has replaced the Mini 14 on Sanhok. The weather is dynamic for classic mode and there is a Ronnie pickup truck in Sanhok.

You also get a new movie picture style which will help you to set the selection in the screen. In short, it is an amazing app. Go ahead and download the app now.


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