What is Queen’s Blade: White Triangle Game?

The Bandai Namco Entertainment had actually begun streaming the first promotional video for its Queen’s Blade: White Triangle Game smartphone game for the browser game platform Enza last week.

Many of us have already seen the previews of the game which showcases the main characters and opening theme song “Trust,” performed by the characters Taylor which has been voiced by Saki Yamakita, Joan voiced by Azuki Shibuya, and Mei voiced by Kaia Sakurai.

The latest version of the Queens Blade White Triangle Apk will be released for iOS, Android and browsers on PC and it is released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the PSP classic Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos. The official 876TV YouTube channel has also uploaded a new 2.45 minutes promotional video of the upcoming action fantasy mobile game Queen’s Blade: White Triangle.

You will be able to see the video which introduces the main characters of the game, their voice actors, it shows actual gameplay where the mechanics can be analyzed and also shows us the animation style the game is taking.Queens Blade White Triangle Game

How can I Install Queen’s Blade: White Triangle Game on My Android Device?

The “armor break RPG” will be free for basic gameplay, and it has also been decided that certain service fees will apply. All Pre-registrations are available now, and all the players will receive in-game rewards depending on the number of pre-registrations.

Although, the first episode of the Queen’s Blade Unlimited original video anime shipped on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on July 13 in Japan. The main story is about a beautiful warrior Elina (Kaori Mizuhashi) who fights with Airi (Kanae Itō) over an amnesiac boy named Michel. The tagline for the new project has been called “More strongly, more violently, reboot!”

According to Miyagomono-ya Hans, Queen’s Blade Unlimited returns to the origin almost nine years ago, although it is depicting a never-before-seen Queen’s Blade world. The Queens Blade White Triangle Android Game was announced on November 15 and will have 18 female characters.

What is the Gameplay?

The “Triangle” in the game’s name actually means to the three-member group of Taylor, Joan, and Mei. At the beginning of the Queens Blade White Triangle iOS Game, the player will only be able to use the cat character that appears in the video.

The game is free-to-play but will have some service fees. But there is also an option of pre-registration by which the players can register for the game already and depending on how many pre-registers, a reward will be given.

Queen’s Blade: White Triangle has been said to feature an armor break mechanic, alongside all the most popular heroines from the original property. Even though the mobile nature of the title might be disappointing for some, it surely is going to be interesting to see if the Queens Blade White Triangle Game Free will match its predecessor in the gameplay, or is it going to be a radical departure.

The game will be soon available for download & Install. You just need to wait a few handsome days!


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