What is the Raj Election App?

Raj Election App is an iOS and android app which has been initiated by the Rajasthan Election Department. The Raj-Election app allows the searching of any voter’s information by name, father’s name, age etc much easier.

The Raj Election App also allows to search voter’s information by making use of the voter id card number meaning the Epic number.

The Raj-Election app is an android based app for Rajasthan’s Voters which helps them in reaching their polling booth for casting vote. This app is also very useful during the time of the elections. It helps the voter in searching voter details by voter id or by voter name.

It also makes easy for the users to search the location of their polling station. The Raj Election App also enables the user to see on the Google map the required directions to reach to the polling station from their current location.

Raj Election App
Raj Election App

Raj Election App is an initiative taken by the office of Election Department, Rajasthan which has been created to help people during general elections in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Voter Helpline is an app designed for the people in Rajasthan State and especially for the youth.

As we know that the usage of the Smartphones has increased over the recent times, it might get necessary to provide all the basic information that is related to voter services in the form of an app.

How to Install Raj-Election App?

The Raj-Election App is available for free on the iOS and Google Play Store which can be downloaded easily by just typing the app name in the search bar of the Play Store or the App Store.

Once downloaded and successful installation, you are all set to se the Raj-Election App which is very simple to use. The app is specially been designed for the natives of Rajasthan.

In the voter’s information, the app shows part no, house number, address of polling station and a link to view the map. This view map link will allow the voter to see the location of their polling station on the map and he or she will be able to see a path from their current location for reaching the Polling Station. This map will also be seen directly from the main screen by just clicking on “Locate Polling Station”.

The Raj Election App 2018 also has got a message from CEO’s desk and other FAQ related to the elections.  This app has the capacity to drag all the voter’s data from the database of Election Department, Rajasthan and has been hosted by NIC.

But the user must remember that when sometimes if the server gets busy, the app may not be able to get all the data from the election department’s server and thus the app will flash the message “App is not able to fetch electoral data. Please try again after some time”.

And once the load on the server has settled, it will work fine. The Raj-Election App is also up to date in terms of all the election data details.


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