About Red Roof INN APP

Red Roof INN APK is an app designed by “Chepri” [game developer] for the purpose of providing lodging and accommodation services in a most hospitable way, pets are equally welcome without additional charges.

As we all know, Hospitality is very important in the hotel industry. If you own or manage a hotel, your main priority is to provide the highest possible level of hospitality. Also, the App grants users access to important information e.g Available deals, Pricing, Room Booking, breakfast hours etc. The latest version of Red Roof Inn Apk on iOS and Android devices is available for download on Apple and Google Play Stores.

Who Owns The Red Roof Inn 

The Red Roof Inn was originally constructed by James Trueman several years ago at Columbus, the first inn opened in 1973, the rate of $8.50 per night was charged.

The benefits of the “Red Roof Inn” is immeasurable. The Inn is a 5-star establishment of over 500 rooms, it provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. It offers the most luxurious rooms and also provides services such as; sports, provision of food, swimming pools, drinks, nightclubs, free night coupons, spa, gym for workouts, relaxation spots and much more at an affordable rate.

Red Roof Inn App

In 2015, Red Roof Inn was voted best in the hotel industry, the Inn takes pride in customer’s comfortability.

Excellent customer service is vitally essential in the hotel industry, Red Roof Inn ensures all customers are happy. It’s so vitally important because it maintains patronage making the hotel thrive.

Wow Features Of Red Roof Inn

  • Red Roof App is set to launch a mobile application that will hasten the whole instant booking, extra features: gaming, online reservations etc.
  • This great App features a whole lot of amazing games on your smartphones.
  • Red Roof App also connects users to social networks e.g Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc to share photos and videos.
  • Beautiful view and scenery.
  • Buildings and property indicating a brand’s signature.
  • Luxurious furniture items.
  • Palatable meals.
  • Affordability.
  • Security of lives and properties.
  • Hi-tech electronics.
  • Great Hospitality.
  • Complementary Packs.
  • Customer friendly services e.g free Wi-Fi etc.

Goals Of Red Roof App

Red Roof Inn is one of the most exotic spots to enjoy a full lodging experience, the Inn has a team of both management and front-line staffers – with emotional intelligence. This means intuitive people sense, empathy, and genuineness.

There’s the phrase “hospitality personality,” which goes further than cheerfulness. That’s important, but so are natural kindness, graciousness, humor, a person who quietly makes guests feel comfortable and important.

The staff of this great hotel thinks things through. He or she has a sense of priority, attention to detail, efficiency”. When slight issues arise, either during check-in or once the guest has seen the room, the front desk should be willing and eager to solve the problem, no questions asked.

The Red Roof App is the only App that can help you gain access to all the goodies attached to this wonderful hotel “Red Roof Inn”. Free download available on Apple and Google Play Stores on iOS and Android devices.

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