Reels Instagram apk

Many Chinese apps are banned now and it has created a big vacuum in the life of people especially with the banning of TikTok. People use to spend quality time making short videos but as it is no more available there are many apps launched who can fill up space. One such entrant is Instagram that is already very popular and has a great fan following. It has come up with new features that work similar to Tikor and is available on Instagram itself and it is “Reels Instagram apk”.

What is Reel Instagram?

Instagram Reels is a new feature added to Instagram that gives the option to create short videos. People who are willing to share their stories through video content can find this feature very useful.IT also has nearly the same feature as TikTok where users can select any background music and create videos to be shared through the Instagram account. Users can use their creativity while creating videos with various visual effects and audios.

This new built-in tool is working as the best platform where users can create short videos and polish their creativity. Reels Instagram Apk works as devoid to TikTok and has all functions that can add stars to your video. To use this feature, you just need to update your Instagram for the Google play store or app store.

How to use Instagram reels?

  • This Instagram feature is available in the Instagram stories option at the bottom of the screen along with other options like Live, story. So, there is no need to install any extra app to use this Reels Instagram Apk for recording short videos.
  • Next, you will find many options on the left pane like Audio, speed, effects and timer. The first you need to select is any background music that you wish to have with video. It is possible to record video with your original voice.
  • Next click on the record button which is at the centre bottom to shot 15 seconds video. You can even set the timer while recording videos so that you are not required to keep an eye on the watch. If you want to have voided which is more than 15 seconds, then add multiple slabs and merge to form long video.
  • After recording video it’s time to add fitters and effects that can make it impressive and attractive.
  • Lastly, share the edited video with whomever you want to share or even in stories to make it available to everyone in your account. This is the best way to show your talent to other people.

Features Of Reels Instagram Apk

  • There is an option to set the speed of the video like you can have slow-mo or set it fast. Thus Reels have all tools that can make your video appealing and beautiful.
  • It also has an Align option where objects can be aligned up before recording the video. You are free to change outfits, background or even add more people to the reel that can add a wow factor to the video.
  • Reel Instagram also has an AR library where you can add different effects to the video. There is a collection of effects in this library that can show your creativity and make a catchy video.
  • The selection of audio can be den from your device’s music library. Thus you can add any type of music top the video and is you are talented enough sing-song by yourself and get feedback by your friends and family.


  • What is Reels Instagram Apk?

This is an add-on feature of Instagram that has an interface similar to TikTok and gives you the option to record short videos. There are filters and special effects that can be added to video and make it impactful.

  • Do you need to download a new app for using Instagram Reels?

No, there is no need to install any extra app for using this feature as it is available on Instagram itself. If you don’t find this option, just update the Instagram.

  • Can you share videos with others?

Once you have created videos and edited videos as required, there are various options to share on Instagram. You can also download it and share it on any other platform to show your talent to the world.

This is the best feature on Instagram that works as TikTok and is also very easy to use. No one would feel Wantage TikTok with this feature of Instagram and it is the most popular platform today. There is no need to spent a single penny using this feature and is the best platform to come up with your talent and creativity. So, if you too are looking for such an app to record shot videos opt for Reels Instagram.

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