Refaced With Doublicat App

Many mobile apps are in the market which is just for fun and entertainment. These apps have because the best source of entertainment as you can make your leisure time enjoyable with it. Some of the apps are designed using various techniques to give mesmerizing experiences to their users. People who wish to look like a celebrity can go for “Refaced With Doublicat App” which is a face swapping app. This face swapper is getting good fan following as the interface and wring is quite easy for all.

Basic Details Of the APK

Apk Size18 MB
Android Version Requires5.0 and up
Updated17 July 2020
Content RatingRated for 3+

What is Refaced With Doublicat App?

Refaced With Doublicat App is a face swapping app that is based on deep fake technology. Users can swap their faces with any of their celebrity, friends, or family. The best part is there is no need for any Photoshop or editing skill with this app. Anyone can swap their face with the person they wish for and find themselves in a new look. The process of swapping face is very simple and does not take much time.

One who is also willing to try something new can install this app in their device. The app is available at Google play store and so just visit the store and write “Refaced With Doublicat App” in the search box. Clicking on the search button will give the app on your screen and clicking it will start the installation process. The same way you can get the app from the App store and enjoy face-swapping. You are not required to spend a single penny for using this app and is compatible with all android devices. The app has some premium and extra features which can be obtained with in-app purchase.

How to swap the face?

  • Take your instant selfie so that you can swap face with any of your preferred faces.
  • Select the Gif meme with whom you want to swap the face.
  • Try out some new option in a photo editor and you will come up with some hilarious result.

How to make personal GIF memes?

It is not only about swapping face but you are free to make your Gif memes that can be shared with friends and family. 

  • First, make your meme based on your liking.
  • Give your personalized reaction and texting to the meme.
  • Lastly, save it to your device so that it can be shared on social networks or can be used as your profile picture.

How Refaced With Doublicat App help to swap face?

The interface of the app is quite simple and you just need to take selfies for swapping face with any celebrity or movie character. The app is equipped with thousands of GIF’s with whom you can swap the face and become a star. Refaced With Doublicat App is the best app which does not require to process any Photoshop skill to swap the face. Within a few clicks, you can get your new image and thus feel like a celebrity.

Once you create the meme have fun playing photo roulette where one needs to guess the name of celebrity with whom your face is swapped. In all using this app is quite entertaining and fun for all.


  1. Why use Refaced With Doublicat App?

People who are willing to imagine themselves with a new look can opt for this app. The face-swapping will help to change your face and create a personalized meme for fun and enjoyment. People can try out for their favorite celebrity face and play photo roulette.

  1. Can you share GIFs?

Yes, personalized GIFs and face swaps can be shared on different social media platforms. It is also possible to have the face swap as your WhatsApp pic and much more.

  1. How Doublicat will show the difference between you and the celebrity?

Once you have swapped face with any celebrity there is an option to check out the difference between both. You can see what are similarities and check yourselves in the form of celebrity.

The Refaced With Doublicat App is just for fun and entertainment. People can swap face with any celebrity and create a personalized meme to share on social networks. This app is just like a photo booth where you can create photo collage which will give you celebrity look and thus have fun. The app is quite easy to use and also comes with some premium feature that requires you to go for an in-app purchase. But the free version of the app is also having features that make face-swapping easy for all.