What is Relief Agad App?

The government has taken various steps to help people and so to quick up the cash aid program ReliefAgad app is introduced. This app is mainly to benefit people who already have their Social Amelioration card (SAC). This mobile app is launched by the Department of Social Welfare and Department of Information and Communication Technology to speed up the process in COVID-19. The families who are unable to carry out expenses due to lockdown and have SAC can find this app very beneficial.

Relief Agad App

How to register with Relief Agad App?

It is quite easy to register with the program through your smartphone. If you also have the SAC and in need of financial aid, follow the below mentioned process:

  • Go to the mobile browser and visit the site www.reliefagad.ph to get yourself registered.
  • Once you open the site just click on “Register” to start the process. This app is only for people who have received their SAC form and make sure no details must tamper.
  • You need to sow the SAC form so that the app can read the barcode that is printed on the lower right corner of the form. If the app is unable to read the barcode user can manually encode the Sac number.
  • Once the SAC number is entered user is required to provide other important details like region, province, city, and more important the unique SAC number.
  • After authentication, the user has to provide other information like names, gender, birthday, address, sector, IDs, and other benefits given to the head of the family or any other member. 
  • Make sure to enter details as asked in the form. There are different modes of payment and it is the user to decide the payment option for them. They can select In Cash, Pay Maya, GCash, or even bank account.
  • Lastly, the app will send an SMS to the registered mobile number which the user has to enter in the form for complete verification.
  • The user will get a message regarding the registration and thus they will get the financial aid as soon as possible.

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How data is secured while using the app?

The app requires the user to enter their personal information for verification. The data collected through the app is compliant with the data privacy act and none of the information is shared with any third party. The app does not store any data and is sent directly to DSWD for further process. The data collected from the user is verified by DSWD to check out for duplication and to give equal benefits to everyone. Once the registered gets listed they will surely get the financial aid by any payment option.

Benefits of the app

  • One who has SAC can quickly get cash aid with the app.
  • People who owe smartphone and can register themselves to get the benefits.
  • There are different payment options like in Cash, Pay Maya, GCash or even bank account.
  • The app gives the option to get help in lockdown without stepping out of their home. This is the fastest and easiest way to get pay-outs by the Government.

This app is very useful for people in this lockdown as they can get financial aid through different payment options by the Philippines government. It is an initiative to help people and make survival easy without income.