Introduction Of Apk Apk is an application that deals with the removal of the background of an image. It makes the picture transparent. The app can be installed on PCs. Android, and iOS mobiles.

It is completely free and users do not have to reveal their email while installing the app. The app can also be used for photo editing to make a picture look good. There are many features included with the app and these features include the following

  • Beauty Cam
  • Beauty Makeup
  • Story College
  • Crazy Ex-Face
  • GIF Emoticon Apk Apk

How to install and download apk?

Here are the steps, which the users can use to download and install the app.

  1. Click on to download the app.
  2. Click the download or install button.
  3. After the completion of the installation, open the app.
  4. Navigate to the homepage of the app.
  5. Select a picture from the gallery and edit it.

What are the Benefits of Apk ?

The Apk comes with many features and benefits, which are described here.

  • Similar pixels are automatically removed by the app.
  • Users can zoom the image to select the parts to be deleted.
  • Unnecessary objects can be removed accurately.
  • A picture can be easily edited with the help of available tools.
  • There are many photo effects and picture filters available, which users can use to enhance the background.
  • The width of the picture can be easily increased or decreased as per the desire and requirement.
  • If users do not want the image to be transparent, they can load another image to change the background.
  • The background having the same color can be selected and deleted.
  • The app also has an Undo feature, which users can use if they have committed a mistake while editing the picture.

How to use the tool?

Select an area in the background, which is to be removed. In the case of mobile, users can use their fingers. Users can also cut their selfie and later add another background to remove the transparency. A picture can have some small portions, which users do not want other people to see. They can delete that object with the help of this background eraser app.

Changing the background of an image

The app provides features to the users with which they can enhance the background image. The background can also be changed if needed. Users can add wallpaper, a color, or anything else in the background, which will suit their picture.

Cropping the picture

The app comes with a feature of photobomb remover with the help of which users can remove anything that does not suit the picture. The feature can be used to remove the unwanted thing from a single or group photo.

Wrapping up app can be used to remove the background or fully or unwanted things from the background. Users can also change the background by uploading an image. The app is very useful and users can install it on their devices without paying anything.