Respondus Lockdown Browser Download

Technology has made life easy, but many people are not utilizing it accurately. Many online exams are conducted today as it becomes easy for children to appear for the exam. On the one hand, it has made it easy as students are not required to go out and feel comfortable giving reviews from home. On the other side, it has increased cheating and copying.

So, today educators are looking for some safe platform where cheating can be avoided. Respondus Lockdown Browser Download will not allow cheating while taking online exams through different software.

Respondus Lockdown Browser

What is Respondus lockdown browser download? 

A Respondus lockdown browser is a form of a locked browser that is specially launched for taking online exams in Brightspace. It is tough to stop cheating, copying, or printing in the online test, but with the help of this browser, it can be made possible. You are restricting students to give honest analysis, and so no other URL can be accessed while giving the exam.

This browser is specially designed for Bright space online quizzes only. Students who are opting for the Blackboard test also require such a standard browser to give online exams. The restrictions that are with this browse are lifted when you finish your online test. 

Giving the test through this browser needs a good Internet connection else it will stick on the screen and students won’t be able to provide the examination.

How to download Respondus Lockdown Browser?

Students who are about to give an online exam with complete safety should download the Respondus lockdown browser through the link provided by the instructor or your institution. All mentors and organizations should get the trial version and conduct the non-grade test so students can get used to it. 

The premium version of the browser can have unlimited use and also offer 200 seats of the Respondus monitor. If you are an instructor, get the premium version with unlimited offers and pass the link to the students. So, to install the browser, follow below-mentioned steps:

  • A unique link will be given to students from the institution or instructors to download the browser in the system. If students or instructors want to try it for testing download from
  • Please navigate to the folder where your .exe file is downloaded and double click on it to start the process.
  • You will be guided in the installation process to make it successful, and lastly, the Respondus icon would be available on the desktop.
  • Click on the icon to start Respondus and it will give you the Product ID. It would further help to get the login credentials.
  • Entering the password will activate the program on your computer and give the same online test environment.

Steps to take the quiz with browser

  • Download and install the browser through the link given by the institution. If you already have the browser run on your computer to start the quiz.
  • A pop-up will appear that will ask to close all other open programs on the computer. Even if the pop-up does not appear, make sure to close all the other applications running on your computer.
  • Go to the software through which you are giving exams like Brightspace or Canvas. Go to the course for which you want to give the exam.
  • On taking the test your computer, every function will be blocked on your computer to stop cheating.
  • Take the text and submit it as you do it usually. Once you log-out from the browser, your computer will work as usual with all the functions.

Pros of Browser

  • Respondus lockdown browser locks down student’s window while taking online tests with Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, etc.
  • The browser is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers. 
  • This browser is mainly designed to restrict any cheating among students and is also paired with Respondus Monitor. It requires students to enable their webcam and helps the instructor keep an eye on students during the test.
  • It can lock down your test window. So, you cannot access another URL to check out for answers.


  1. Is the Respondus lockdown browser compatible with Windows and Macintosh?

Yes, the Respondus lockdown browser is compatible with both the operating system. The browser is designed to discourage students from cheating and can easily be installed on both types of computers. Google chrome is a must to use this browser in both systems.

  1. What prevention comes with the browser?

Once the online teste start, the screen gets locked. Students won’t be able to perform any functionality like copy, print or even allowed to visit any other URL. It also prevents the use of instant messaging and web searched until the exam is not finished. Thus the computer goes to the stage where everything gets locked in the exam.

  1. Is the Respondus lockdown browser reliable?

Respondus lockdown browser is tested by many universities and organizations to offer security while giving the online test. It encourages students to provide accurate tests and also maintain the integrity of the education system. It also has Respondus Monitor to keep an eye over examinee by instructors. It is a reliable browser that prohibits illegal action.

Respondus lockdown browser is beneficial for mentors and institutions that e conducting online exams. It helps them to get the precise result of students and thus prohibit any cheating. The annual license can be purchased once the free trial is successful and therefore, can keep an eye on students while appearing for exams from home. So, if you, too, need any such ways, go for the Respondus lockdown browser.