Roposo Apk

People who love to spend time on social media by creating funny videos or voice-over are very disturbed due to the ban of TikTok. But don’t be sad as One such app is launched by India which is very similar to TikTok and has many more features. Roposo Apk also gives you the option to create something funny and fascinating using videos, music, and photos. You are also allowed to share it with friends over other social media networks and can find it very easy to use it. This TV like the app is “Roposo” which is full of fun and entertainment.

Basic Details Of the App

Apk Size20 MB
Android Version Requires4.3 and up
Updated3 July 2020
Content RatingRated for 12+

What is Roposo?

Roposo Apk is a video creating and sharing app which is available in different Indian languages. Some of the languages in which the app is available to be used for creating video or voice – over are Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi, Assamese, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. This app s the best alternative of TikTok and people who love to create short videos can make it possible with it.

You can easily get followers, like and even earn coins using this app. This app is completely free and everyone can download it from Google plays tore. The app is quite organized in from of different channels so that it becomes easy to find for something within the app. You can create videos and also enjoy watching the content of others to have fun and entertainment.

Screenshots Of the Roposo APK

How does the app works?

The working of the app is quite simple and everyone can use it in any preferred language. So, once you download and install Roposo Apk in your device follow the below-mentioned process:

  • First, you will be asked to select the language from the given list based on your preference.
  • Next, you will be required to enter your mobile number so that OTP will be sent. Entering the OTP will complete the verification process.
  • You need to register yourself with entering details like name, age, and gender. On completing this you will get to the main app.
  • You will be asked to select the type of content where you wish to post a video or watch it. It might be any like food, religion, beats, etc.
  • On selecting any such topic, you will get the top content that is been posted by other such users.
  • There is a video button where you can also record your video. Once the video is ready to upload select the preferred topic and post it.
  • There is an option to like where you can share it on WhatsApp and also download it. Every user is free to give their feedback on the videos.

Which channels are available in the app?

The Roposo Apk is just for entertainment and so you are not only allowed to make videos or watch them but also it has various channels.  There are many channels where you can find something new and very interesting. Some of these channels are as follows:

  • Hungry TV: This channel is best for people who love cooking and willing to try something new. Users are allowed to share their special recipes with others and also can get feedback.
  • Beats: It is mainly to enjoy music, videos, and images in the app. You can find a collection of music videos in your preferred language. It also has some celebrities who are dancing on some popular music numbers.
  • Bhakti: It is a religion channel where people can find stories and also explore our diversity. There are Aarti, prayers, namaaz, shlokas., etc. which takes you to the other world. This channel also has many video sand photos, wallpapers which you can even download for future use. This channel is specifically for religious people.
  • Haha TV: This is the most popular channel as it has comedy and funny videos. People who are required to take a break from work and get relaxed will find this channel the best. There are jokes, pranks, videos between wife-husband, marriage jokes., Santa- Banta, and many more. It can make your day and help to get relaxed.
  • News: As the name suggests you can get all updated news all about India on this channel.  People are even free to comment on it to show their reviews about the current topic.
  • Look Good- Feel Good: This channel is very popular among girls as it has some useful beauty and lifestyle tips. It has some homeopathic, Ayurveda, and homely solutions for different problems. This channel allows us to share some effective tips on skin, hair, health issue with other people through this channel of the app.
  • Creative Space: One who is quite creative and willing to show it to the world is free to upload videos on this channel. Moreover, one can get new ideas and thus can try something innovative and creative.

There are many other channels in the app which is very useful and allows you to give comments, follow, download and even share on WhatsApp. This is an interesting section of the app and is loved by all.


  1. Can you do shopping through the app?

Yes, it is possible to do shopping in the app. It has a bazaar channel where you can but different stuff and can also have chat with sellers. Thus it is not just an entertaining app as you can also enjoy shopping.

  1. How to earn coins through the app?

Users who create funny videos with filters, stickers, and music can get an option to earn coins. It is important to have one post daily and it must also be featured in the Roposo stars channels to earn coins.

  1. Is it safe to use the app?

Roposo App is made in India and has all security measures which makes it the best alternative of TikTok. This app is completely safe to use and everyone can get it in the device for free.

This is one of the best apps today when you are looking for entertainment and fun. You are not only free to create your videos but also have the option to enjoy other comedy videos of people. This app is full of humor, pranks, fun, and also there is some real talent who are taking it as the platform to explore themselves. Roposo is a complete box of entertainment where people of every age can enjoy in their way.