What Is The RTA Citizen App?

AP RTA Citizen App is an amazing free mobile application which has been created for you which your help for the Registration of Driving license, Tax Verification, Right to Information Act, Dealers Registration and other governments services, RTA citizen portal application status, RTA citizen portal llr status.

This app is free for use and any users of Android, iOS and pc can download it that too free of cost. This app is a free mobile application, which was launched by the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on 1st September 2018 for all Citizen of Andhra Pradesh and the main aim of this launch was to provide different types of services in one place.

Also, when you are using it, you will be able to check all the details of your driving license only by entering your driving license number and the date of birth. When using it, the users will be able to avail many of the government’s services online through their mobile phone without having to visit the office.

By installing this mobile application, any users of Andhra Pradesh will be able to complete different types of services in your mobile phone for example you will be able to do Driving license Aadhaar Seeding, Registration of Driving license Aadhaar Seeding, Vehicle Permits, Vehicle fitness, Pay Tax of Vehicle, Application Status, e-Bidding of Vehicle Registration numbers, and also complete many other governments services.RTA Citizen App

You can now download the app on your android, iOS or on to your pc from the Google Play Store or the official website for free.

How to Use & Download RTA Citizen App for Android, iOS, And Pc from Play Store?

You can download and install the app from the official website or the Play Store. Find the RTA Citizen App. Click on it and get it installed on to your device. Now go ahead and open the app on your device. Then, enter your required details to sign up. Now you are all ready and can start off with it. Go to the home page and select any service, which you need and have an easy time with this app.

RTA Citizen App Features :

The app has got the following features which will be definitely helpful to you.

You can Registration of Driving license – Aadhaar Seeding in Andhra Pradesh. You can also get the free registration of vehicle permits in Andhra Pradesh. Get to pay the tax of vehicle. You will also be able to check your Application Status online via this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Is the app safe to use?

The app is completely safe to use and can be downloaded and used from the official website or the Google Play Store for the convenience of the citizens in Andhra Pradesh.

  1. What is E-Bidding in the app?

In the app, you can select the required registration number from the available list and bid it online to be registered. If you won the bid, you have to pay the amount and be registered.


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