What is the Ruang Guru Apk?

The Ruang Guru is your one-stop learning solution app which has been based on a nationally standardized syllabus that is specially designed by the team of highly qualified Master Teachers.

Ruang Guru also provides a complete learning solution for grade 6-12 thereby assisting students with both their daily studies and preparation for large exams.

Ruang Guru provides education applications and services to not only the tutors or teachers but also to the students across Indonesia, including an online ‘marketplace’ which actually enables students to select skilled and empathetic tutors for private tuition.

How to download the Ruang Guru Apk Into your Android or iOS devices?

The Ruang Guru Apk is available for free on the Google App Store and also on the App Store for the iOS users. You can download and install the app easily and then enter all the required credentials and start searching for the best tutor and study material in the app. The app is available for both the Android and iOS users.

Ruang Guru Apk
Ruang Guru Apk

What are the features of the Ruang Guru Mod Apk?

  • The Ruang Guru Mod Apk has been designed to support a growth to accommodate 2.5 million students and 100,000 teachers and tutors.
  • The app also helps to minimise outages and slowdowns that compromised students’ experience with applications.
  • The app has already achieved stability that convinced teachers and tutors to trust a digital education platform for the first time.
  • Ruang Guru has already started delivering a range of applications and services at 99 percent plus availability and gaining the confidence of teachers and tutors who might be using a digital platform for the first time.

About the Ruang Guru Mod Apk:

For the Indonesian education service provider, Ruang Guru has been able to successfully convince students who are already accustomed to digital technologies to use online education services is comparatively easy.

However, the challenge of the app still lies in convincing teachers, tutors and education officials to transition from traditional manual practices to faster, more efficient online methods of performing their tasks.

The app is trying to help the tutors in different ways, for example, tutors can sign up to an online marketplace run by Ruang Guru which actually enables the students to review their credentials before deciding whether or not to engage them for private tuition.

Ruang Guru’s first product was a tutoring marketplace which allowed students to check information such as educational background and certifications, along with the posting and checking reviews of tutors’ performance.

Serving more users and accommodating more traffic

Ruang Guru Apk has been able to register more than 2.5 million students and 100,000 teachers and tutors. Whether it be the homework, projects, essays, exams or self-study, Ruang Guru has proven to be one of the best online education tools for all. Ranking among top educational apps, Ruang Guru has also been widely used by students.

Ruang Guru will never make you get bored and they make sure to make the education exciting. Their modules are interesting, engaging and fun, and at the same time, they ensure great understanding along with deep exam preparation.


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