About Rush Wars Apk

Rush Wars Apk is the free strategy game through which you can enjoy playing at the best level. It is the game that is similar to the Supercell games but with new features. The game provides you the best quality and addictive while playing the game.

In the Rush Wars Apk, you can also explore that it is the combination of many mechanics and studio work. In the game first, you have to build a squad with the use of characters which you will unlock during the crates loot. Then you can easily send them in the field for searching gold mines and attack that place.

When you will attack the places and win it then capture the resources and upgrade the base. In this way, you can easily improve the defense and military power of the squad. Even in the game, you can explore many new things which have to make the game more excited.

You will find new characters, competitive team battle, outsmarting the oppositions. Rush war is the causal game but provides deep and challenging competitive players. In this, you do not need to waste time in building designing and changing the defensive base.

Rush Wars Apk
Rush Wars Apk

Even no need to waiting a long time for preparing troops to have a battle. You have to just start the Rush Wars Apk form a squad and rush into the battle.

Features of the Rush Wars Apk

  • Build Squad

The best feature of the Rush Wars Apk that you can easily construct a squad. They will help you in attacking the enemies in the gold mines. In this way, you can get mega-rich and improve your defensive base with new materials. In the game, the main aim is gold mines which you have to conquest. This squad will explore new tactics for defeating the enemy. With the looting resources, you can also upgrade your army.

  • Join Team

In the Rush Wars Apk, you can also join a team with other players. If you want to play a game with your friends then you can invite them and form a team. It means the game provides you an opportunity that you can get connect with new players and build a new friendship. In this way, you get the chance to learn tactics and strategy of playing games by seeing another player game. The game provides a chance to fight with full powers with friends so that you can increase the activity point.

  • Unlock new troops

The troop is the element in the game which makes your team stronger. In Rush Wars Apk, players can easily recruit new and different soldiers. You will get lots of options such as knights, witches, archers, warriors and even get the option of aircraft and tanks. This helps you in defending the kingdom but with strong soldiers team so that they can attack the kingdom and loots all resources. You have the opportunity to unlock the army for discovering new characters in the game.

  • Collect commanders

In the game, you have the chance to collect commanders with special abilities so that they can lead the squad into the battle. They are equipped with strong powers that help you winning all games. You can easily upgrade your team with resources you loot from a particular place. But at the same time, you have to protect your gold mines from other attackers. Commanders help you in this work and save you from looting.

  • 3D Graphics

Rush wars ios game provides you with play with 3D features so that you can enjoy playing with reality. It is the feature through which you explore that all things happening in reality. The game is not very different from previous games. In the game, you can also explore funny graphics, harmonious colors, and vividly simulated characters to make the game more interesting.

Rush Wars iOS Game
Rush Wars iOS Game


Rush wars indir game is free to download and play with many upgrade features. It is the game that has become a tactical phenomenon game. The game is the faster gameplay with the new strategy and you would love to play. For playing the game you will need a good network connection. You can also use real money to buy some items in the game. In case you do not require these features you can turn off it while visiting the setting option.