Download Sakura School Simulator 0.96 Apk

This Sakura School Simulator 0.96 APK- 500 is a “simulator” game. Therefore, there are many ways to defeat enemies. So if you want to beat them alone, you can easily do it. And it’s not only that; if you’re going to defeat them without any weapons, you can do so as there are no definitions of blood in the game. People in the game world will only be “stun” but will not die. The idea of ​​death is not in this game that the depressed souls may rise the next day, and they will hate you.

How to Play Sakura School Simulator 0.96 APK

  • You can control and switch four players in the same category (These two are valid after watching ADS.).
  • You have a particular choice of speech (penalties will change the rand).
  • He defeats enemies through imitation.
  • You do not need to fight against enemies.
  • Look for ways.
  • Most of the textures in this game is original and not just rip off from real life and slapped into the game as textures.

SAKURA Simulator 0.96 APK is a game where you can have fun as a student. Found in a small rural town, there is no limit to the number of any antics you will come up with. Happily, no one dies, but if anyone is injured, they pass the next day, hating anyone who attacked them.

Download Sakura School Simulator 0.96 Apk

SAKURA School Simulator 0.96 APK has simple controls. With your left thumb, you move your character in each position, and your right thumb takes care of specific action with useful action buttons, including attack, talk and activate your jetpack.

Each game starts with your character going home, but you can take them wherever you wish. Launch the entire city of Sakura at your will, talk to tons of different characters, visit their homes, and do whatever you want. Is it a game by visiting one of your classmates? Go ahead. Or on the other hand, would you like to disrupt the damage to your city? It’s all up to you.

One great feature, especially of the SAKURA School Simulator, is that you can customize your character the way you want. Choose whether you would like to be a girl or a boy, change clothes, cut hair, eye color, and much more. You can also unlock additional content by viewing ads.

SAKURA School Simulator is an excellent ‘High School SIM game’ with beautiful graphics and tons of alternatives. Players can do whatever they want within the beautiful (and wild) downtown area of ​​Sakura.
The SAKURA School Simulator 0.96 APK has a content rating of 12+. It is fallen in the category of action/adventure. The official language supported by SAKURA School Simulator 0.96 APK is English. The developer of the game is Gaursoft development Inc. The SAKURA School Simulator 0.96 APK has over 2 million downloads, so it’s a viral game. The game’s size is 165 MB and has a 4.5 stars rating in the Google Play store.