What is the Settled Status App?

Recently, on the 21st January 2019, the people of UK will be able to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme which means that anyone who is presently residing in the UK and who is also an EU citizen will need to apply to this before the 30th of June 2021 in order to stay in the country.

All successful applicants will then be given either settled or pre-settled status on their applications. And anyone who doesn’t apply before the deadline, which is very compulsory, will no longer be allowed in the country legally.

According to the Government, this is a “voluntary test phase” and the scheme will be fully opened to all the applicants on 30th March 2019.

In order to make this process easier for the EU citizens who will be applying for the settled status in the UK, the government has therefore developed a smartphone app for them to make the applications online on their device.

The website and the app will be available to the EU nationals living in the UK with their passports and also for their non-EU family members with biometric residence cards, after the full launch by April.

Settled Status App
Settled Status App

The Settled Status App is trying to be made as easy as possible and also to be compatible with all the possible smartphones which will be helpful to everyone and that the app should also be able to scan all the required documents.

Why is this Settlement Scheme introduced?

This Settled Status scheme has been introduced in order from 11pm of 29th March 2019 onwards, when the UK will no longer be an EU country which means that the people from other EU countries living and working in the UK will from then not legally be allowed to stay in after this date if they have not applied successfully through this scheme.

The best part of being a member of the EU is that all the EU citizens will be allowed to easily move to live and work in all the other EU countries which is called the freedom of movement.

How to apply for the Settled Status Using Settled Status App

In order to apply for this EU Settlement Scheme, people will need to fill in a form which will be made available online, via post or either by using a smartphone Settled Status App which has been launched recently. For this the applicants will need to have proof of three things:

  1. ID which can be a valid passport or national identity card.
  2. Residence in the UK which will be a valid permanent residence document, or it can be something like the indefinite leave to remain or enter the UK.
  3. A relationship to a family member from the EU who is living in the UK, just in case they want to come to the UK from outside the EU.

However, presently, people who are using the Apple phones will not be able to use the Settled Status App as right now it works only on the Android phones.


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