About Sharktivity App

Sharktivity App is the application which helps the tourist to detect the Atlantic white shark. The app also provides the lesson that we should conserve the white shark. The app has also provided support by the scientific research as it helps in improving public safety and educates them about conservation.

The Sharktivity App of Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Sharkiivity helps you in providing the location and information about the white shark. So you can easily sightings, detect movements and also provide research for raising awareness.

The Sharktivity App also helps people and white shark so that they can exist in a peaceful manner. You can easily use the application for sightseeing white shark and at the same time, you will also be provided by the notification about beach alert through which you can confirm white shark availability. The app is sponsored by the Everglades Boats and White shark Plates. The app also provides to keep track of the shark activities.

The Sharktivity App informs users that recently where a shark can be spotted and also provides a recent timeframe. Many users think that it is a detection system but this is not true. The main purposes of the app that it provides sighting for tourist of the white shark and people also feel safe.

Sharktivity App
Sharktivity App

Features of the Sharktivity App

  • Public safety

The main feature of the Sharktivity App is that the app is committed towards public safety and also work with federal, state and town of the official on education materials. The app provides a safety measure for beachgoers. It is like a tool which helps in raising awareness and also provides information to the users about the white shark.

  • Create conservation of shark

Another feature of the Sharktivity App is that its main motive is to create conservation of shark. The motive of the organization is to prevent oceans from today harmful effects. The app is invented for the safety of both the ocean and its creatures. It is general that our future depends on the health of the ocean and its prevention. It is a natural environment which makes our life healthy.

  • Know about the location

It is the Sharktivity App through which the user is able to know about the location where the shark is present recently. It helps you trace the white shark in accordance with the location. And it also helps you in telling about the recent time frame of the white shark.

This can be dangerous for them and in this way they can save themselves from a shark attack by knowing about the location. The app also plays the role of precaution which can be taken before traveling to the ocean.

Final Verdict

The Sharktivity App is getting popular among the people especially for those people who love to visit beaches and oceans. It helps the user to know about the white shark and could protect themselves from any kind of accidents. Even users can also enjoy activities of the white shark and can also know about them.