What is the Shiksha Setu App?

The government of Haryana has launched a mobile application to provide all the students the required information on attendance, fees, online admission and scholarships of all the government colleges of the state.

According to the director of the state’s higher education department, A Sreenivas, the Shiksha Setu app has been mainly developed in order that it would bring transparency in the department and college administration, while it will ensure better connectivity between students, parents, teachers, and officials.

How to Install the Shiksha Setu App?

The Shiksha Setu app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store which is completely free of cost. All the ERP registered users can download the login to the mobile app by using their username and password for the ERP.

Also, the scan contact their DHE/Helpdesk for their Username and Password. By downloading the Education Setup App in Android Mobile, you can avail the facility. After downloading, the admission registration number of students will be given.

Shiksha Setu App
Shiksha Setu App

Users can take advantage of the facility by depositing names and passwords. The teachers will also be able to log in for the first time because the password is too long to change it. And if students want to change their password then they can by the admission on the given link.

You will first need to register the mobile number by clicking on the link which will be taken by the Department of Higher Education on mobile app complaints.

What are the features of the Shiksha Setu App?

The app is available on the Public Domain which does not need any login. Through the use of this app, you will be able to get all the important details for example, the Contact Details of DHE and all Colleges in Haryana very easily. You can also use this app to get the details of the Colleges with Courses and Seats. The app is also covered with the Helpdesk / Support.

The app can be easily used by all the registered users. It can be used for checking the attendance of the students in the college. Also, a teacher can choose the course, select student from the list and mark attendance for a particular day, all this by using the app itself.

The teacher can also view an individual student’s attendance for the day, month or a session. Even the student is able to view his or her daily and monthly attendance count course wise.

Unlike before, where students and teachers had to maintain attendance records and it used to be very difficult for the teachers to maintain these records. The app is very easy and simple to handle.

How can a student get benefit from the Shisha Setu App?

The app can also be used for student profile and searching. The admin, Principal and the teacher can use the app for searching students by name or admission number and view student’s details including attendance, health and fee.

Earlier, the students who were deprived of receiving scholarships usually due to lack of information, ‘Shiksha Setu’ app would give all the details of all scholarships of the department or college through the mobile app. Also, information on assignment and notifications will be available immediately.

The government has directed the principals of all government colleges to inspire their college teachers and students to download and use this mobile app.


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