About Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru

If you are looking for some app that is just for fun and gets social go for Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru. It is a Question & answer app that is very popular today and there are more than 200M users who are using this app to ask questions to an anonymous person.

You are just requiring installing the app in your device and posting your question which can be answered by any user of the app. This entertainment app is available free of cost and gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can use the app to ask any questions which means it is one of the best ways to entertain yourself and others.

The app is quite easy to use and one who loves to make a new friend or get social can find this app best for them. It is compatible with different languages and everyday end number of users is asking and giving an answer to anonymous questions.

There is no restriction on the type of question you can ask and thus you can ask anything that comes to your mind and get instant answers by anonymous or your friends. This app can keep you engaged as you can post any question and get answers from others which will help to know the mindset of other people.

Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru

How to install Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru?

  • Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru is available on Google play store so you just need to write the name in the search box to get the app.
  • Once you find the app, again click on it where you will get the Install button. Just clicking the “Install” button would start the installation of the app in your device.
  • You need to create your profile by entering all the asked details and just get popular by asking a question or answering them.


  • You are free to ask questions about any of your friends or even an anonymous person. There are millions of people who are using this app so you are free to express yourself through your questions.
  • Many people are willing to try this app but they are scared as an anonymous person is connected with it. This app offers a safe and secure environment where you can clearly express your thoughts.
  • If anyone is annoying you there is an option where you can stop getting anonymous questions and irritate you.
  • You can ask and answer the question in almost 40 languages. These show that everyone can use the app to have fun and know amount some interesting facts.
  • You can also check the persons who have shown their positive sign to answers which are given by you. It will let you know about the person who is also having the same mindset as you and feel as if you are not alone with such thinking.
  • You are free to answer the question through photos or Gifs. This app is not only about asking the serious question as many of them opt for the app to have fun and entertainment.
  • You can make new friends through this app and thus increase your social circle. There is an option where you can follow friends who have answers to your questions.

What are the coins in the app?

To make the app more interesting you can ask and answer questions to earn free coins. If you ask an interesting question to your friends and they answer it, you can win coins. If you answer the question which is asked by your friend or anonymous you can earn coins. These coins can be used to make some purchases from the ASKfm market. One who opts for the premium program can also earn more than 100+ coins in a week and thus make purchases that will keep you engage with the app.

Simontok 4.2 App 2020 Apk Download Latest Version Baru is one such medium where you are free to get an answer to your questions or express yourself through answers. Many people around us are unable to express themselves because of society but this gives you the freedom to share your through and vies. It will let you know about yourself and lost about others. No one will judge you and thus you can freely express your feeling to the world. This app also has a premium program which requires you to go for in-app purchase but if you are willing to use it for free simply install the app.