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About Sinmo App

What if we got to know our sins and pay for them the wages in the form of cash and clear them off. Wouldn’t that be great.?We would all be involved in Sinmo App clearing our ay to day sins and paying for them.

What if there was an app that would let you pay the wages of sin in cash? Something that would work exactly or at least something that works similar to how the old Roman Catholic system of “indulgences” worked? That is exactly what think Sinmo app is.

But wait. In no way does this app help you pay for your sins.

But wait, that is right, the Sinmo app is no more than a work of comedy. The app actually does not exist.Sinmo App

Yes, it would actually be great if Sinmo could do for us the perfect things which could work that way. All of us would just love it if we could have a redemption to be available for cash. And It is pretty sure that we would all be ready to pay any amount just to ward off that sin on a pay-as-you-go basis and then just imagine that everything would be alright.

More About Sinmo App

The Sinmo App would just sound to be perfect if things work that way. We just cannot imagine paying.

So, start downloading and then install the latest version of Sinmo .APK file. The app has also got surge pricing – for Friday nights. This is a totally free Android & iOS application which can be downloaded easily on your Mobile. Just get the download link which you have to download & install Sinmo App.

As days are passing, we are coming to know of more advancement in the technology and about the new inventions being made each and every day. But we can never imagine technology reaching a stage where our sins would get abolished just by paying an amount.Install Sinmo App

Therefore, the question is who knew that technology would once take us to a point where the wages for sin would no longer be death but rather would be paid for in cash?

Coming to the latest invention which is currently trending in the world is the Sinmo Mobile app which will now allow sinners to pay for whatever sins they are contemplating doing upfront.

The best part of the app is that if you find yourself having committed the sin already without paying prior, still the app will allow you to pay it later.

However, the bad news about the new app is that the app will only be available to phones inseminated by “god” and since we know it is just not possible, therefore, this app is just unavailable.

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One thought on “Sinmo App | The Application For The Android & iOS Users

  • 24th December 2019 at 3:52 pm

    Paying for sins though this app is wrong God doesn’t want you pay your way out of guilt he wants you to pray for forgiveness and vow not to commit that sin again and not to commit the sin in the first place if your conscience tells you it’s wrong


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