Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free

Today many casino games are available for the mobile device. People who love playing casino games especially slot machines can find such a platform even for their mobile. Many slot machine casino games are available android market are quite fun and entertaining. Getting an option to play slot games on the mobile device is itself very joyful and so if you are looking one of it goes for “Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free”.

Basic Details

Apk Size 31 MB
Android Version Requires 2.3 and up
DeveloperLonaisoft Tech.
Updated27 September 2018
Content Rating Rated for 12+

What is Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free?

This is a Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free game that can be played on your mobile device. You can play the game for free and just collect chips to bet and earn. It is just a slot machine game that is quite entertaining and fun to pay. People of every age can play this game and the interface is also very easy to understand.

The best part is you can save the chips of eh game without an internet connection. The coins that are owned by you are accumulated and do not get lost when you quit the game. If you love playing slot games just download the app and start playing games. Initially, every player is being awarded with 300 points with which they can start their game.

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Explain menus in the game?

There are 4 different content in the Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free and everything is dependent on it. These menus are as follows:

  1. Game Start

There are buttons in the game start section which changes as you play the game. These buttons are as follows:

  • Menu(Auto): Initially menu button is available but when you run the slot it gets changed into “Auto”.
  • Max: Clicking on this button will place the maximum bet in the game.
  • Bet: It is for placing the bet in the current game. The minimum bet can be 8 while the maximum is 96. If willing to get a bonus the best must be more than 16. But if you are willing to get a cherry bonus make sure bet does not exceed 16.
  • Start (Stop): when the slot is not running it has “start” and once it started running it will change in to “stop” so that you can stop the machine.

Players can also opt for double –up to chance only if the closed card is high or low. This double-up would help to double your points if you succeed. If you are lucky enough and get 5 times of double –up the game rewards you 50 times of slot game point. There is no risk in the game but if you are lucky and smart if would be easy to earn more points with slot games. 

  1. Get Credit

This is an option where players who run of points can ask to get credit. This option is available only if the player has points less than 300. This can help to play the game even if you run out of points by getting credit.

  1. Odd list
  1. VS Mode

It is also called as Network Battle mode where you can play with other players. It is quite interesting and fun to play. If you opt for VS Mode game allots you 5000 points for 1st-time connection and whoever wins get their score along with other players score. If any player reaches 0 points the game quit automatically.


  1. How to install Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free?

Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free is available on Google plays tore. It is a paid app and so you need to pay it to get the app installed in your device. It is just like the old slot machine game which is quite enjoyable.

  1. What if you are left with 0 points in the game?

This slot machine has the option of “Get Credit” which will help you to get points when you are left with nothing. It is applicable only if points are less than 300 and not if you have sufficient coins for betting.

  1. What are you being unable to play VS mode?

In many cases, players are unable to play the VS mode and in this scenario just restart the game. If your points also reach 0 the game gets quit and you need to restart again.

Slot Machine Cherry Master Apk Free comes in an entertainment category where players can play slot games. Points are rewarded to every player and they have to place the bet to increase their points. The game is quite easy to use and many players are playing it for fun and entertainment.