Description on Smart Ichalkaranji App

Smart Ichalkaranji App is solely based for persons within the Indian Nationality. Unlike most apps, the Smart Ichalkaranji App is embodied with essential features that could aid Indians as a whole and aid enormous economic elevation.

This is an App fully owned by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. This Application was created for essential reasons at which could help resolve economic issues quickly without any form of time wastage.

The Smart Ichalkaranji App aids citizens within the Indian geographical entity to forward civic related issues with this App as a medium as to reach essential authorities.

Essential Civic issues being forwarded towards the City Corporation concerned and then it’s being assigned to the sanitary inspector for that specific ward for critical evaluation on such issues, without further delay, those reviewed issues are being looked into in order for an appropriate solution to be derived.

Smart Ichalkaranji App
Smart Ichalkaranji App

A lot of persons have wonder how exactly could they be part of this new invention and make India a better economy. You really don’t require a long list of procedures to become a user of this App, it’s very easy to use.

Persons are required to take pictures of issues within their jurisdiction without hesitation, then choose a category on Smart Ichalkaranji App, now kindly forward, it would be received by the sanitary inspector, then the procedure to resolve the forwarded issue continues from there.

Features on Smart Ichalkaranji App

Smart Ichalkaranji App was being designed and incredibly built by the IChangeMyCity, which is a division of Janaagraha. Solely based in Bengaluru. This dominant aim of this Non-profit organization is to increase the standard of living for Indians within several locations.

Get regular updates on the civic related complaint with an attachment of “Resolved” Image and at the same time vote them up if needed in order to keep your environs a lot healthier.

How easily could all this be exhibited with the use of this App? All that’s required of a user is to take a picture of the civic issue with his/her smartphone as quickly as possible and then forward with the use of this App before issues are being forwarded the user is expected to select the most appropriate category at which the issue suits.

Essential updates would be received by users in form of a push notification with an attachment of a “Resolved” image, this is regularly uploaded by the sanitary inspector/engineer to keep users inspired and at the same time informed.

Don’t hesitate be part of this economical elevation at which this App could bring about, by getting one downloaded and installed in your mobile device.

If confused on where to get this Application, kindly visit your Google Play Store.

List of Categories for Forwarding a Civic related Issue

A list of appropriate categories at which a user could easily utilize to forward essential Civic Issues on Smart Ichalkaranji App:

  • Garbage Dump
  • Garbage Vehicle not Arrived
  • Dustbins not cleaned
  • Sweeping not done
  • Dead Animals
  • Public Toilet(s) Cleaning
  • Public Toilet(s) Blockage
  • No water supply in public toilet(s)
  • No electricity in public toilet(s)