What Is Smittestop App?

The widespread of Coronavirus has made life miserable. The government is taking various steps to control the spread of this deadly virus and so to stop it Denmark government has introduced the Smittestop app. The main aim of this app is to stop the spread of the virus after the lockdown ends. Coronavirus form the chain which is to be stopped and so this app will help people to stay updated and protect themselves. The app requires Bluetooth to be turned on at all times.

There are many wrong beliefs about the virus and so with this app one can get proper information and also helps to stay updated. This app also includes healthcare authorities and their recommendation that will help people to protect themselves from the infection. This App is an initiative by the government to help people and survive in this pandemic situation.

This app can easily be installed from Google play store and it is not compulsory for everyone to have but it is very helpful for them.

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Smittestop App

How does Smittestop App work?

If a person is tested positive and has downloaded Smittestop App they can notify the app about their condition. The app will notify their users who have been in contact with her about the diagnosis and thus help them to maintain distance. T hap uses Bluetooth device to connect the phone and if there is someone who was in close contact with an infected person will get SMS notification.

Even the infected person can help to identify persons who were in contact through the app and this way the spread of the virus can be controlled.

Benefits of using the Smittestop App

  • The Smittestop App uses Bluetooth IDs to notify you if you are near to some COVID positive person. The app runs in the background and thus give timely notification to stay alert.
  • The app will not share your personal information with anyone. Moreover, it does not use any GPS to get a record of data.
  • The notification is sent to users through the app these are developed by Apple and Google and is mainly to update people.
  • The phone is connected through Bluetooth where if a positive person updates its information the other person would know about it. But the best part is the other person will not get your details as the exchange is done through random Ids.
  • The app comes with complete security features and is very helpful to reduce the widespread of coronavirus. Thus people can trust the app and download it to save themselves from this virus.

People who are about to return to their job or business must surely get Smittestop App. It will help them to stay updated and also protect themselves from the nearby affected person. People can get real information and just following it will help to break the chain of the virus. One has to accept terms and conditions to use the app as it is an initiative by the Ministry of Health to protect the life of people.