About Sniffies Apk

We might have heard about sniffer and on the internet, it is a must as everyone is interested in your personal life. So, there are apps that can help to maintain privacy and one such is sniffy. It is considered as the best app which will alert you and give details regarding users who have moved on YOUR link.

It is considered as one of the best IP sniffer app which is been developed by Allockye. Many other apps are also considered as best sniffers but when we talk about cost and features sniffy is best among all this app is currently available free of cost and so everyone can download and install in their device.

The easy process of installation has made it easy for everyone to get this app in the device.

Sniffies Apk
Sniffies Apk

How to install Sniffies Apk in your device?

Today many useful apps are available in play store but still, everyone cannot get it as all such apps are chargeable. So, to make it available there are third-party sources through which you can install the app in the device. Many developers are developing apps that are not published on the play store but you can download it through the link. So, to download sniffy you are required to follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Download the Sniffies Apk from https://apkgk.com/ru.sniffy.android/download and store it at any location in your device.
  • You are installing the app from an external link which means you are required to make changes in the settings of your device. To go for it just click on Android settings -> security -> Enable “Unknown sources.”
  • Navigate t the folder where the apk field is been downloaded and click on it. If it asks for any permission allow it as it is mandatory for the Sniffies Apk.
  • Click on the install button to get apk in your device and thus maintain privacy and get an option to stay secure.

Screenshots Of Sniffies apk

How sniffy is helpful?

It will help you stay connected with your family and friends without breaking any privacy. You are free to share your location securely with friends and family s that they can know about you. You can share your live location with people who are not available on sniffy and thus will help to be safe from sniffers.

The main goal of sniffy is to help people to stay connected with family and friends but also to be aware of sniffers. Many people think that tracking live location can affect battery but Sniffies Apk is designed with a battery efficient system. The best thing is your location disappears one you can have reached the location. Thus the whole app is designed in such a way that you can stay safe from sniffers.

The information which is known through the app who has moved on YOUR link are IP address, operating system, Time zone, browser, internet provider. These details would make it easy to identify sniffer and thus help to stay safe. Getting all such information regarding an unknown user will help you to be safe and maintain confidentiality.