About Sony Crackle Apk

It seems impossible to even think that there can exist a human on earth who does not love to watch TV and Movies, right?

In this segment, we are going to discuss the Sony Crackle TV which has been launched with 100% free movies and TV shows, there is a lot to love about the service.

What is Crackle TV?

Sony Crackle Apk is actually a completely free streaming service which is owned by the Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. The service features movies, TV and original programming which keep rotating on a monthly basis. While there are ads, it is hard to complain because of its price tag of $0.

It is not wrong to say that the Crackle TV is a top notch.  They have got a great selection of movies and TV that the people would actually want to watch. They have even most recently added a feature called the “Always On” feature, which allows you to search for shows while watching another movie or show.

Sony Crackle Apk
Sony Crackle Apk

The Sony Crackle Apk was originally called “Grouper”, and the Crackle TV has been around since the early 2000’s. It was later rebranded as Crackle TV soon after being purchased by Sony in 2006.

What are the devices that the Crackle TV Supports?

Not only can the Crackle TV can be viewed in your Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari browser, but can also be streamed to your television with any of the following supported devices namely PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung Connected TV, LG Connected TV, Visio Connected TV, Bravia Connected TV, Toshiba Connected TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Samsung Blu-ray players, LG Blu-ray players and Sony Blu-ray players.

You will also be able to watch Crackle TV by downloading their app on your mobile device. The Crackle TV supports a whole lot of smart devices and it runs on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

How to Download the Sony Crackle Apk on your Android and iOS devices?

All you need to do is just login in to your Google Play Store or App Store and download the app. Yes, do not be surprised, the Sony Crackle Apk is totally free to download and use. Just start off by setting up a free account and then log in to pick up where you had left off on from any of your devices.

You can also fill in your ‘Watch Later’ list with all your favorite movies and shows and also get to see fewer ads in select Sony Crackle programming.

  • Is Sony Crackle TV legal?

The Sony Crackle Apk 2018 got so much of a selection of recent movies which it is truly hard to believe that it is legal. As Crackle TV is owned by the Sony and therefore it has mostly Sony offerings.

You will also see that some of the content that is available on the Crackle does have time limit, so be aware of the movie “expiration dates.” So, it is not at a bad idea if you are thinking of downloading this app.

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