We have all got the most expensive and super cool gadgets with us. We boast about our handsets and just do not stop telling our friends about its awesome and the most unique features.

Whether it be the iPhone or any other expensive handset, we love to flash it in front of our friends and show what all our mobile can do. It is as though our mobiles are deciding our dignity these days. But no, not always.

Many a time these expensive and super cool handsets create a world of mess for us then we realise the mobile is not able to produce the sound quality it guaranteed or sometimes that there is no sound at all.

What is the Soundabout Pro Apk?

Produced by the RareEarth Software, this app has been specially designed and created to be able to solve all kinds of audio routing issues in the mobiles these days.

The app is so magical that you will even be able to use a headphone with the mobile even if you have got mobile with a damaged headphone jack. Isn’t that great? Yes, it is one of the greatest wonders we can find in the world of the different kinds of apps available.

How to install and download the Soundabout Pro App in to your Android devices?

The Soundabout Pro app is available on the Google Play Store from where one can easily log in and download and get the app installed in to their handsets and wait for the magic to happen.

Now open the app once it has been installed. Also, remember that this app is available for a free trial for a limited period where you can have a trial of its features which will make you understand the app better. Just click on the ‘OK’ tab to start the free trial of the app on your devices.

There is a tab named ‘SA Notifications’ which needs you to allow some access and therefore you ill have to just slide it across. There will also be more permissions that will be needed for the app to work effectively on the mobiles.

So, just go ahead and give these permissions but make sure you are reading each one of these carefully in order to allow for these accesses. Also allow the Soundabout Apk to get permissions to your calls, that is it.

Go ahead and make all the necessary changes which you would want according to your own preferences. You can also activate the mode where the phone will read out the callers name loud for you to hear. Now select the phone call audio and also the earpiece for better sound.

Now you will see that, all the features of your phone which had no sound, will now have sound. In other words, the Soundabout app will have solved all of your ‘no sound’ in calls problem. Just restart your mobile and start enjoying normal calls again. Didn’t you like the app like I did!

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