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The management of the internet connection band in the school reality is more and more complex and articulated: the number of connected devices, the use of the band, the distribution of the accesses, the different band needs make the management of connectivity a delicate task. WIFI Smart Connection is an integrated solution for managing connectivity at school, capable of responding to the ever-growing needs of school communities.

In one tool:

  • Bandwidth available
  • Load balancing
  • Personal access passwords
  • Simplification of access
  • Band balancing with priority management
  • Safe browsing control
  • Lock / access synchronized with ClasseViva
  • Reporting of activities\

ISoft: the new revolutionary cloud management systems

ISoft was born from the long experience of Infoschool in the school management sector that began over 30 years ago.

The software have been completely redesigned according to the possibilities offered by the new cloud technologies and are fully integrated with the whole ecosystem of the School of the Future today.

The extreme simplicity of use and the in-depth coverage of every school need form the basis for this great revolution in school management systems.

The following modules are present:

  • Personnel 2.0 – Personnel management
  • Vega Real Time – Attendance detection
  • Budget 2.0 – Annual program and budget
  • Procurement management

Many other application modules are being released in the coming weeks …