Speed Test Pro Apk


Speed Test Pro Apk is one of the best and the simplest kind of program to easily check out about your internet speed and you don’t have to do long procedures for it you just have to tap on one button and that’s it you’ll get all the list of data related to it in front of view.

Speed Test Pro Apk 4.3.4. Version

For getting the report about your internet connection it will hardly take only 30 seconds. This is the most downloaded application from others downloads of this application are approximately more than 100 million times and it has more numbers of positive feedbacks also present there. Its new version which was updated recently was 4.3.4. Version.

And it was updated on 4.16.19. The complete size of this Speed Test Pro Apk is 12.3 Mb only. Speed Test Pro Apk is best for android phones. Millions and millions of people have rated this internet speed test on the number 1 application they are happy with their results and their functionality as well. Many of the professionals also trusted it and recommended this application also.

When you test your internet connectivity speed in this you will see the graphs there which will show the consistency of your internet speed. It will help you in verifying the speed which they have promised you.

Speed Test Pro Apk

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Daily track tests

In this Speedtest Pro Apk, there are daily track tests are also available with the day to day detailed reports.

It will share results easily without any complications. This application is based upon the PREMIUM version. You will see optimized graphics and the clearance resources also which will help in the fastest loading as well.

All types of ads are removed

The best thing in this is that from Speedtest Pro Apk all types of ads are removed. Service calls are also removed. You can also go to the settings and choose the remove ads settings and then these ads will no longer disturb you.

What’s new in Speed Test Pro Apk? 

The users who use this VPN premium services in this application will now be able to choose a server that is named as VPN server and with the help of this, you are also able to connect to the other country as well.

You can download this application easily from the Google play store without paying anything. It is free of cost. People like its functionality and the testing time also which is only 30 seconds.