which extremely popular video sharing app was launched in 2017 by chinese developer bytedance, for markets outside of china? Do you consider yourself a sports enthusiast? Well, you are not a sports expert until you have installed the SPORTSCHAU Quiz App on your mobile device and scored a 10/10 on all their quizzes. Not only is this SPORTSCHAU Quiz App fun it is also nourishing for the brain as it helps you keep your mind refreshed, according to experts once you leave school the best way to keep learning and keep your mind healthy is to do puzzles, play educational games and take quizzes.

This is why so many people on the morning commute start their day by playing Sudoku or crossword puzzles, similarly, SPORTSCHAU Quiz App allows you to refresh your brain.

What are the contents of the app?

Ever watched “Who wants to be a millionaire?” you are given a question and four options, one of these four options is correct, as you excellent in the quiz the questions get harder, you are not playing virtually but you are actually playing against an opponent and you both are facing the clock, you have to answer before your opponent otherwise you lose points, the opponent with the most correct answers becomes the winner.

The app is great for mind games and is available as an Android quiz app or iOS quiz app


 How many people are using this app?

People enjoy playing games especially when they are on your fingertips as quizzes and apps are now available on Android and iOS more and more people are now downloading apps that will keep them entertained, SPORTSCHAU Quiz App is enjoyed by 1000s of people and more protection are joining the fun, the quiz database has now been extended and contains over 6000 questions for the users to answer and have fun with.


How does it work?

Its simple just head to your Android play store or iOS play store and download SPORTSCHAU Quiz App and enjoy the questionnaire, the quiz is divided into categories such as football, world cup, cricket, premier league and also has many subcategories you can play with actual opponents or with virtual opponents and the app is likely to be updy further with more categories and questions in the coming months.


Does it cost?

All good things come with a price tag? That is a common saying but not in this case you and your friends can enjoy sporting quizzes absolutely free, there are no hidden charges, subscription costs or anything else just download the app and play away. Make this your Saturday night fun task l, gather your friends and family and change the karaoke night into SPORTSCHAU Quiz App and have fun with your loved ones. Not only will the app be fun it will also be nourishing for the brain and keep your l healthy it may even motivate you to get into sports, some players have in fact said that they enjoy the app so much they have witnessed an ignited flame towards sports.

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