About Squareapp.info Cash App

Squareapp.info cash app, hacktools.vip/cash is the app which has been used to send, spend and earn money easily. This app has made sending money process convenient for users to their loved one account. It means with the use of the app you do not need to visit the bank or any other place for sending money.

We all know that today people stay away from their loved ones due to work or study. Any time a situation can arise when they immediately need money. Then users can easily use the app and send money without following a long process just like in the bank.

The app has been developed by Market Square, Inc. in the year 2015. Today people becoming advance and it is the reason modern technology developing day by day. Squareapp.info cash app is one of the features of modern technology.

It is the app that allows the payment service and financial platform. Simultaneously, the app has also profound the terms and policies at every service for security reasons. With the sending of money benefit app also offer many other features so that users can enjoy using it without any hassle.

Squareapp.info Cash App
Squareapp.info Cash App

The app also has a referral program. Or you can also say that it is a type of feature of the app. When any user downloads and registers using the referral link then they become eligible for earning money. This way you can easily earn a commission at every transaction made by your friends this way you can earn more money by sharing the link among other friends.

Basic Information

Apk Size18 MB
Android Version Requires5.o and up
DeveloperSquare, Inc.
Updated27 November 2019
Content RatingRated for 3+

Features of Squareapp.info Cash App

The main feature of the app is its payment processing besides, this you can also take benefits of other features. It is the reason today the app has great demand among people.

  • Get a free debit card

One of the best features of the app users avails with a debit card so they can use it anytime they want money. You can also top up your account and use it accordingly. It means you have to charge the account with money and use it for payment, sending and any other work.

  • Pay for service

With the use of the app, you can easily make payments after or while taking the service such as Uber, Lyft, and many others. It means if you do not have cash then any need to worry when using the Squareapp.info cash app.

  • Send money to loved ones

This is the main feature of the app by sending money to friends or loved ones in their needs. This way you can easily avail of their help any time and from anywhere. Now you do not need to follow a long process of the bank for sending money to the needed person. It is just like the immediate help for the person.

  • Keep track of expenses

The app also easily keeps track of the expenses you have done throughout the whole month and year. This way you can explore how much money has been saved and spent. This also sight that you have done useful or useless spending.

  • Avail receipts and account statement

The cash app allows users to explore all transaction receipts and account statements. You can easily view the details by logging into the account in the gadget. With this, you can also grab information about money left in the account. You can also know the history of the transaction made in the past 12 to 24 months.

  • Buy and sell bitcoins

The app also allows users to sell their collected Bitcoins and even can buy them. This way you can easily increase the collection of the coin.


Download the Squareapp.info Cash App

The cash app installation is very easy and simple.

  1. Simply, you have to visit the Google Play store and search the app.
  2. When founded click on download option.
  3. Once the download process gets completed click on the install button. Now you can explore the app on the gadget screen. It is ready for usage.

In a nutshell, the cash app ha brings an easy process for sending money to your loved ones in their need. The app is not only limited to the sending money feature as it also allows users to earn money by referring the app to their friends and family members.