Stopcovid NI App

Stopcovid NI App

The Coronavirus pandemic has made life miserable and hard for all. The only way to protect ourselves is through social distancing and wearing masks. It’s time when people are going out for work and so one needs to take the utmost care to save themselves. The Government of Northern Ireland has come up with an app that would tell people is there is any corona positive person near them. Stopcovid NI App is mainly to keep people stay updated and maintain distance form one who is tested positive.

What is the Stopcovid NI App?

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Stopcovid NI App is an initiative by the Government of Northern Island to stop the spread of coronavirus and help people to stay updated with their surroundings. It is very important to stay away from people who are tested positive and so with this app user would know if there are such people near them. The app is helping health services to slow down the spread of the virus and also make it easy for people to resume their work. 

It is a request from the Government that everyone should download this app and also update if they are tested positive. Once any user adds themselves as coved -19 positive other users who are in close contact with the affected person would know about it. In this manner, it would slow down the spread of the virus and help people to stay safe. The app is available on Google Play store for people of Northern Ireland and so residents of NI must make sure to get in their device. The app is available free of cost and thus helping people to make themselves safe from viruses.

How does Stopcovid NI App works?

Stopcovid NI

The main thing to work is everyone in NI should install Stopcovid NI App so that it would stop or even slow down the spread of the deadly virus. The working of the app is quite simple and it is as explained below:

  • App user who has tested Covid-19 positive can update their result in the app. 
  • Once any person adds their result as positive HSCresult would send code through SMS. The app user who has received the code will need to enter it in the app and be required to share details over the phone who were more in contact from the last 14 days.
  • The phone number is shared in the form of random IDs and so no details are being shared.
  • The user who tested positive will be required to agree on “Diagnosis Keys” so that the app gets permission to notify the random IDs that are been shared.
  • If any app user has updated as positive the app will notify other app users who were in close contact. It works a proximity app to make other notify about it. Other users would never know who is bene positive or what is its location.
  • So, even while traveling eth diagnosis keys will be shared by the other country you are traveling and let them know about it.
  • The app also has the option to share so that app users can share this app with their friends and family to stay updated.

How is privacy maintained in the app?

Stopcovid NI App Free

The privacy of user data is very important and so this app makes sure to maintain security. This app has been developed using ‘Exposure Notification API’ which is been developed by Apple and Google. The app with not track your identity or location and thus no one would know about it. The app does not share data with any third party and thus security is maintained. The app would two about the number of app users and also one who has received the HSC codes. For supporting health services app would count the number of people who sent notification to stay safe.

The whole automated process does not involve human and there are no chances to expose personal information. So, using the app will protect you and at the same time keep your identity confidential.


  1. Why use the Stopcovid NI app?

Stopcovid NI app is mainly to protect people from the deadly Coronavirus. As many people will download the app and update their status would help other users to be notified about it. The app can stop the spread of the virus and so people must install and stay updated with it.

  1. How to find the app in Google Play store?

Many people find it difficult to get the app in the play store. So, to make it easy just visit and you can get the app in Plays tore. Clicking it will start the installation process and with no time you can get the app in your device.

  1. Who should download Stopcovid NI app?

The app is introduced by the Government of Northern Ireland for residents to fight against Coronavirus. People who are residents of NI are only allowed to use the app and to maintain distance from the affected person. Moreover, one must be above 18 to download and use this app.

Stopcovid NI is one fo the app that must be installed by everyone in Northern Ireland. The app will maintain complete security and safety of data. One would get notification for the COVID positive person whom they have been in close contact from the last 14 days.