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The use of smartphones/tablets to take down notes on important tasks has become a daily necessity in modern life, but it’s not exactly a tool that makes you more productive. Why not try Super Notes App.

Super Notes is an Excellent App newly designed by Clear Sky Ltd, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad etc. Super Notes App also has a great voice recording feature that comes to life by pressing a single button. It keeps things wonderfully simple, functional and organized.

The latest version of Super Notes looks great, it has amazing features that creates thrill and excitement. Super Notes App is available on iOS download now on Apple Store.

Functions of Super Notes App for iOS 

Super Notes aims at providing the following functions:

Super Notes App

  • Note opening sideways.
  • Super Notes offers an easy use of text editor.
  • This excellent App serves as a voice recorder.
  • Super Notes App also has a reminder for notes.
  • It could be used to take photos for attachments.
  • This App can be used to send notes via email, Twitter, though character limits have to be considered.
  • The background of Super Notes App is colorful.
  • The animations are a sight to behold, really nice.
  • The App is well organized.
  • The buttons function properly.
  • Easy to use.
  • The App has a great voice recording feature which automatically records with the phone’s mic i.e iPhone.
  • Super Notes makes note taking faster and easier, most importantly, it can record and play audio while taking down notes.

Juicy features of Super Notes App for iOS

Some of the features of Super Notes App are:    Notes

  1. Notifications and reminders
  2. Voice recorder
  3. Camera
  4. Colorful background
  5. Highly functional buttons

To Download Super Notes App for iOS: visit Apple Stores today.


Occasionally, we procrastinate over things we ought to do, we get overwhelmed by the tasks given to us or self-created, the simple Art of taking down notes is all you need. It’s very important because you’re acknowledging the fact that you have tasks pending. In your head, jumbling the things to do, seem overwhelming but that’s because you’re thinking of what needs to be done.

Taking down notes makes tasks seem a bit simpler to execute. Even if I don’t need the notes, I still make sure it’s neatly outlined on my Super Notes, it helps refresh my knowledge on all I’m supposed to do.  At some point, you’ve probably made notes with 10 or more tasks to complete in a short period of time.

As you get to work, the sheer immensity of tasks leaves you in a state of paralysis, with a heavy sense of obligation and a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. Our minds will remain fixated on an unfinished task, causing our mental and physical health to suffer,  upon completion, we are freed from the burden of this task. Why not save yourself that stress by getting Super Notes App today, it’s fast and easy.

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