About Teslagrad APK

Yet another game for the gamers this season is the Teslagrad APK which is known to be a combination of 2D platformer and puzzle solver. In Teslagrad 4pda, you play Teslamancer in the kingdom of Elektropia which has got a famous autonomy king, who rules the kingdom by power in hand.

You will also get to see technological wizards who have created a giant Teslagrad tower in the middle of the city, but the king has destroyed the cult. Overall, it is a dark conspiracy which has arisen and the Teslamancer gets swept up, you are left equipped with technology and yes you also get to use it to overcome many weird challenges.

The plot of this Teslagrad APK is mainly based on the visual and visual, and not the cutscenes or words.

Download Teslagrad APK

As you may think the Teslagrad APK is very simple to download and install. All you need to do is to just click the download button and wait till your file is downloaded and then open it.Teslagrad APK

Almost like the Diamond Rush game, this teslagrad 4pda is also based on a map on which you have to move around and try and overcome obstacles to unlock other locations and keep exploring. You will also see that the doors to the other screens would require you to collect more tools and weapons to get across.

The funny thing is that your character can move in a variety of ways like run, jump and get to solve the requirements in the teslagrad скачать на андроид. There are also some scenes that will have enemies which come just to touch you and then you will need to play again, so keep quick control on the Teslamancer to move quickly.Teslagrad APK Download

Install Teslagrad APK

After successful download of Teslagrad APK, install the Teslagrad .apk file on to your Android device. Just follow the instructions inside to start and enjoy the teslagrad скачать на андроид and also make sure that you have checked the box which ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings.

Teslagrad 4pda which is a 2D platformer puzzle and which has got the elements of action, in which magnetism and other electromagnetic forces required for passing the game and revealing the secrets stored in Tesla’s long-forgotten tower.

The Teslagrad Game

This Teslagrad Game is a new product of Prodigious, Though Teslagrad has not been officially released yet with the charisma of the game, and Teslagrad Android really deserves to be experienced. The game has got many mystery stories that are waiting for you, it needs you to learn and explore. Though the game is still being tested, there are options where you can pre-register for 30% off. Yes, this is the right time to take advantage of the best entertainment.Teslagrad Game

The Teslagrad game has already won more than 1.6 million hearts of its gamers when it was first released in the PC. The developers of the app bet that the Android version of the Teslagrad APK is even better. Therefore, download the Teslagrad and enjoy playing the game with all its features!


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