About Toca Life Neighborhood APK

A beautifully created Toca Life Neighborhood APK game for kids where they enjoy playing in the neighborhood of the game world. Get to welcome to your new neighborhood, where you will see it is filled with friendly faces to hang out with. Get to find and explore your new block, and here you can have fun trying to explore cafés and shops, and also get to meet a new set of characters.

This is the first Toca Boca Neighborhood APK game where you will get to see Toca Life app which has never had these many homes!

Download Toca Life Neighborhood APK

Get to download Toca Life Neighborhood APK from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. The Toca Life Neighborhood APP is available for a nominal price set by its developers. You will bet that this amount is very economical and yes you will get the worth of entertainment you deserve.

Getting to decorate your doll houses or your friend’s dollhouse has never been as much fun as when you will enjoy playing and decorating your interior style. The houses are Minimalistic, cute, bohemian or industrial.Toca Life Neighborhood APK

You can choose any one of four apartments, and also move into all of them! More like a real life, Toca Life Neighborhood APK game allows you to move in, get settled, go ahead and visit your neighbors and also be sure to invite them to help you with the decoration of your home!

Install Toca Life Neighborhood APK

Now the next step after you have downloaded Toca Life Neighborhood APK Android & iOS game is to get it installed on to your mobile or a tab. Follow the required steps on the game and go get started to play the game.

Once you begin start by visiting the interior design store where you will get to find loads of items which you would require for decorating your new place. Be it the plants, clocks, pillows, and mailboxes or the paintings, stools and the many other things. Also, you will be excited to see the photo booth. Where you can select a filter and get your friends ready and click a photo.Toca Life Neighborhood Game

Toca Life Neighborhood Game

Toca Life Neighborhood APK game feels like you are really moved into a new neighborhood and planning to settle and design your home. You will be thrilled and happy as you do all the required shopping as well as decorations.

Apart from just the house and its decorations and party, also visit the neighborhood with friends and hand out. Here remember to spend some time chilling in the Rob-o Café and grab a bite from the conveyor belt or just be chilled and order a smoothie from the giant robot. There are as many flavors as you would require.

Features of Toca Life Neighborhood APK

In Toca Life Neighborhood APK, you will get to meet about 23 new characters, 4 new apartments which have got different themes to live and hang out. Also, shop at the design store for new furniture and objects for your home. Get to the Rob-o Café with friends and pick out food from the conveyor belt.Toca Boca Neighborhood APK

Get to taste a number of flavors. Or bring family and friends to take a photo in the photo booth with a filter of your choice. Also get a Sloth toy in the toy machine and be surprised to find the secret Rob-o Disco Club. Also, you will be thrilled to see the tiny creatures that have a hideout in the elevator.

Get Latest Version Of Toca Life Neighborhood APK game downloaded and start playing!


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