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TRAI Channel Selector App: Gone are the days when did not even know what channels we are having in our television set and how much price we are paying for them. Now everything is planned and taken.

If I do not want a channel, then why do I need to pay for it. Now it is the time when I pay only for what I see and not for any number of random channels.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has come up with a new application which has the features which allow the user to make their choice and then pay the correct amount of the price for that channel.

January 31st was marked as the final date when all the cable or the dth users will be changing their plans from the usual one to the revised TRAI provided one.

TRAI Channel Selector App
TRAI Channel Selector App

Not all the cable and dth users are aware of this new scheme or app which is actually going to benefit them, rather than paying a random amount just for the channel they do not even watch. Therefore, TRAI has launched the new feature of the channel selector app making use of which the user can view his total monthly bill.

How does the Channel selector app link actually work?

To begin with the link, login into the webpage https://channel.trai.gov.in. Now you will need to click on the tab ‘get started’ and then click the next tab. Now enter your name, state, language, genres and the channel type. Now you will be directed to a page containing almost 300 channels.

You just have to select the channels you would like to watch on your television. When you select the channel, you will be able to see the price or the MRP of each of the channel you select. Once you finish selecting the channels, you will see the total monthly bill you will now need to pay.

Along with this everyone is entitled to get a total of 25 free channels. All users also need to pay a monthly capacity fees or a rental of Rs 130 plus a GST of 13% will be also added to your bill.

Now you are creating your own dth pack which is totally a list of channels which you have chosen and not imposed on you by any dth group or a cable operator.

This new app which has been introduced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has been one of the greatest efforts which has been taken for the benefit of every common man. Earlier, when we blindly chose the dth or the cable TV and then even paid the amount we were asked to pay, is now everything in our hands.

We get to pay exactly what we watch and not what others ask us to pay. The procedure has become very systemised and there will be no confusions with regard the payments.

Therefore, to make it crystal clear about your DTH plans, switch over to the new TRAI Channel Selector app.

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