All documents are needed to be kept safe and in a proper record. For, this reason, the Telangana has launched the latest app – the TS NPB App.

What is TS NPB App?


As a quick creating state Telangana government has declared that it will give a complete land proprietorship report to the land proprietors who are NAGPR. It will be done through TS NPB overview, which is a way to entryway study for social event property subtleties and data concerning land records. It is a valuable system for digitalization of land records for future possibilities. You can think about PM Modi dispatched new swamitva plot 2020 for ranchers.

The overview will be led by partitioning in the state into seven distinct units. Nonagricultural properties will be distinguished based on PTIN (Property Tax Identification Number). With the end goal of TS NPB overview, three Municipal authorities will be selected with a senior generally official at the area level will be given to control and screen the general usage of review.

How to install and then login the TS NPB App?

For Dharani designation, the administration authorities will visit each family unit utilizing entryway to entryway overview. An assortment of archives will be required like National IDs (which incorporates Aadhar card, Voter ID card and so on), User’s relative’s subtleties (like their Names, Relationship with the proprietor, Aadhar card number, Age and Gender), Caste endorsement and Mobile Number will likewise be submitted for updation reason. After that, the overview group will make a client ID, and an auto-created secret key will be sent using SMS to the versatile enrolled number.


The client will have the option to get to all the subtleties identified with Agricultural property on a solitary stage which is without bothering an open to all. You have to enlist and register in TS NPB application for getting to all the computerized records. You additionally have a choice to look for a necessary property by composing the proprietor’s name house number or TPIN.

It is accessible on Google. The User ID will comprise of various properties identified with enrolled clients, and they will be given a passbook with all the subtleties referenced in it. Distinctive shaded visas will be given for various reason for instance on the off chance that a rancher has agricultural land, at that point, he will be given green passbook in any case clients will be given maroon passbooks.

  • As for installing the app, download the TS NPB application APK or visit the official website of the TS NPB.
  • When you are finished with downloading, you’ll discover the APK in your download segment.
  • Ensure that the outsider applications are permitted on your telephone before downloading TS NPB.
  • Once the download is finished establishment brief will show up requesting authorization to finish establishment steps.
  • Consent to all the establishment steps and once the establishment is finished your application.
  • Open the application and enter your Mobile Number and Password to continue.

The administration will refresh online all the non-horticultural properties, for example, houses, Constructions close to agribusiness field and Wells, Farm Houses past the town settlement regions and fuse them in the Dharani web-based interface gratis.

This application will enlist almost 52 subtleties which incorporate proprietor’s name, relatives’ subtleties, Aadhaar number, method of possession (Inheritance, buy or blessing), rank, power and water association subtleties and so forth Aadhar assumes a focal part in all the information updation as all properties would be coordinated with the Aadhar card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is TS NPB application free?

It is free programming which you can download without any problem

Is Aadhar mandatory for enlistment?

Yes, Aadhar is a fundamental aspect of the cycle as the wide range of various subtleties will be connected with Aadhar number.

How to get TS NPB App APK for Android?

You can download it from google or the official website of TS NPB App.

Is it important to give relative subtleties?

Yes, it will guarantee the security of your property, and it is a must for future enlistment.

Therefore, TS NPB is undoubtedly the most required and important app which can be used in almost all the states in India to keep track of all the data and info of the citizens.