Type Machine APK

Type Machine APK is an app that saves everything you type. In our daily lives, we type and by mistake erase it or write down something important and cannot find it or even worse the app crashes and you lose everything you wrote. No more such worries.

The Type Machine app free download to get rid of such problems. Open it anytime to find your old entries and filter them by an app. Also, you can drag the history slider to check what you have typed and get relaxed not to lose a piece of text again. The app is simple to use and allows you to set a PIN lock on the history list.

The app also automatically deletes old entries. Type Machine APK is compatible with almost every app with Android frameworks. The app stores everything you type in any application. It is fully automatic and integrated and so easy to use.

There is no need for unnecessary permissions so it is safe and private. It is also a compatible user interface for Tablets.Type Machine APK

Save What You Type

Type Machine APK latest version helps to mange and find text files and also helps you to save large amounts of text in the software and search. The app helps you back up every word you type so you can retrieve it later. Once you set up the app, it requires you to allow the app an accessibility service and then it saves your text.

Next, the things you type will be piped and organized into the app. The saved text is really neat and you can scrub through a timeline to see the whole text entry process. To retrieve something which you have deleted and reworded you can use the Type Machine for it.Type Machine APP

The app also has an expiration date on the text which means you can have anything older deleted or just keep it forever. You also get to secure the app with PIN lock and there is an app black list which helps prevent certain apps from sending a text to Type Machine APK for mobile. There may be a few similar apps earlier but Type Machine App for iPhone/iOS has excellent features which no one can beat.

Type Machine APK To Keep Your Problems At Bay

Type Machine APK is an innovative and at the same time simple app for Android that helps you keep a record of everything you type on your Android devices. The app solves all your fears of your data suddenly getting crashed or lost by accident. It records all the key strokes on the device for individual apps and keeps it in its history.

Once you have installed the app, it asks for Android Accessibility settings to record all the keystrokes on all the apps of your device. After you have installed the app, go ahead and get some work done.Type Machine APK Download

For example, search for a contact in the phone book and you will get the corresponding entries in the Type Machine online. It also records your corrections. So why wait for more. Download the app to bring about global undo to Android devices.

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