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About Uc Mini Apk

Uc mini apk is an android mobile browser which is used to surf internet fast. Uc mini is totally safe and free version. this app does not have any paid or pro version. You can enjoy this free uc mini app unlimited. This app helps you to save your internet data.

Normally when you use other browsers they are slow than UC mini. In UC mini apk you can watch online HD videos, movies Or you can download any songs, videos, movies with fast speed. Uc mini app developed by Alibaba group. In UC browser you don’t need to go and find any website for downloading anything.

They already have provided many websites collection in each category. Uc mini app is very smooth and attractive design. You can also enjoy youtube with very fast speed. Also, uc mini apk saves your lot of mobile data. When you download anything from Uc mini application.

you will be amazed to check its downloading speed. Its downloading speed is faster than other browsers. This app available on java mobile, Android, iPhone, apple, pc, laptop, Symbian, tablet. When you compare this UC browser with others browser like opera mini.

You will see how fast this UC mini app is. Recently in 2018, they launched Pc browser for pc. In pc browser software have all features as they have in android or java. Pc browser supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.

This uc mini app is more faster than normal. recently google play store removed this app from play store just because of some issue in app. But soon they will fixed that issue and will be launched again latest version with extra features.

This app will be totally safe because this extra function will help to stop malware and virus. You dont have to download uc browser for samsung. Because samsung already providing uc browser when you buy a new samsung phone.

How to Download Uc Browser ?

Uc browser application is very simple and small in size. You can download uc browser using our website or their official website. This app is not available on play store now.

So you just have to go love4apk and find download button and download it. Its very simple to download this best uc mini app. Also you can download uc browser latest version from our website. Because uc browser changes their updates every time with new features.

Difference Between Uc browser and Uc Mini?

There are no much difference between both apps. Uc browser is just made for those high quality mobile phone which have extra ram and space. Uc mini app is small and tiny browser app.

This app is specially made for low quality android mobiles. Because Both apps have different size. It doesn’t mean that they changed their features in both. Both apps have same features, but they upgraded both apps according to different version of mobile.

Versions Of Uc Mini App

Uc browser updates their App With Latest Version everytime to make it much better than older version. They have updated so many version since uc mini browser made. I found some of version which is here uc browser 5, 7.9, 8.1, 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.5, 9.7, 9.8, 9.9 These are some old version which is shown in trend.

It means users still searching about This version. We will provide all those old version apps in our website. Some more version here Uc browser 10, 10.0, 10.1, 10.5, 10.7, 10.8. Still they have many updates.You can their official website to know more about all latest and old versions.

What Is Uc Browser hd?

Uc browser hd is an alternative of uc mini app. but the uc browser hd app specially created for tablets. Because tablets have big screens, so they named it uc browser hd. This app is very different than uc mini application. In uc browser hd they provided voice command option. You can easily move to another websites or accounts by voice command. Another great features is they allowed us to browse anything in incognito mode. It means you can browse anything in uc browser hd apk without leaving your history and action. This app have night mode function too. Which is very helpful for your eyes.

Uc Browser App

How To Install Uc Browser Application ?

Downloading and installing uc browser app is not hard. After completes download of uc mini

  1. First Download Uc Browser Application From our store
  2.  Open your uc mini or uc browser app.
  3. Tap on install button, This will be redirect to device setting.
  4. Just click on unknown sources.
  5. Now you have successfully installed uc mini application in your phone.Uc browser already shows you their updates when you installed their app. Whenever they updates their version this app will show you pop up for latest update. Enjoy your app with full version in your smartphone. I already using this app with different phone like samsung galaxy y or samsung galaxy mini and java. uc mini app is very smooth and safe application, So you can download and install this app in your mobile or tablet without hesitate.

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