Many people are fascinated by spiders, and for good reason. They are fascinating creatures that have evolved to survive in a variety of habitats. One such creature is the arachnid known as the spider.

Video De La Niña Araña a las puertas de una casa


Video De La Niña Araña va a las puertas de una casa y pide permiso para entrar. La madre le dice que sí, pero que tiene que ir a buscar un regalo para la cumpleañera de su hija. La niña araña se marcha y vuelve con un gran paquete. La madre lo abre y finds out que es un teléfono móvil nuevo.

La niña araña se esconde entre las ramas

Video of the Spider Girl hiding among the branches.

La niña araña se asoma por la ventana

Video De La Niña ArañaThe spider girl comes out of the window! This video is a real treat for arachnophobes – because it’s actually a little girl, crawling out of a open window onto a terrace. Her caregiver filmed her as she made her escape, and the result is eerie, funny and strangely satisfying.

La niña araña sale al exterior

The video of the spider girl that has gone viral shows her crawling out of her web and exploring her new surroundings. The little spider girl is so curious and playful, and she seems to have a lot of fun playing with her new toy, a ball.

It’s amazing to see how fearless this little spider girl is. She is definitely not afraid of anything – even when she gets caught in the camera’s lens! We can only imagine how adventurous she must be when she ventures outside on her own.

We can’t wait to see what else this pint-sized spider girl will do next!


Video De La Niña Araña In the video, a little girl named Maria is spider afraid and when she sees a spider she runs away in terror. Maria’s mom tries to show her that spiders are not scary, but Maria is still scared. Eventually, Maria learns how to handle her fear of spiders and has fun exploring her backyard and watching them spin webs. Her mom says that learning to overcome fear is an important life skill.