Virtual Xposed APK | An Virtual Xposed Installer For Android Device

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What Is Virtual Xposed APK?

Virtual Xposed APK which is an Android application, and it’s going to be the future of all those modding theming basically the future of XPosed. The application that I am going to introduce is a VirtualXposed APK. And I will start with the limitations of this app.

  • And the first limitation is that we can not install any theming module.
  • The second one is that any module that is going to interfere with the system application or system is not going to be work.

You’re free to try all the module and try for yourself, that’s all about the limitation of this virtual xposed apk that I found out. And install this application or installation procedure is that head over to the link below at the end of the tutorial, and download the latest version and then install.

While installing if you just notice that you are going to find this application is looking for permission, so scroll down and you can find most of the privacy so there is some concern about the security issue application on the XDA forum or XDA post of this virtual xposed App. And many of the developers are saying it’s not safe while they are trying, they are looking to the sources that are on GitHub.

Virtual Xposed APK

So after installing Virtual Xposed APK or application, you are going to welcome with a launcher like Pixel Launcher, so when you swipe up, you will find Xposed installer. Which is xposed and it’s already activated. The Virtual Xposed is like a virtual machine for your Android device.

How To Install Application In Virtual Xposed APK?

To install the application inside the Virtual Xposed APK, either you can clone the application that you installed on your device. Or you can directly install applications inside the virtualxposed 2018 is giving three option to install applications. So let’s begin.

  • First one is the cloning, so when you open this virtualxposed there is a menu icon, just press that and there is an option to add application option and install the application, you can just clone.
  • The second one, you can directly head over to your File Manager and choose the apk and install directly to this VirtualXposed.

Xposed installer

After installing, install the modules from the Xposed installer, and to reboot the device you don’t need to reboot your physical device, you just need to reboot that virtualxposed APK. To do that, head over to the menu which is available at the bottom and chooses reboot option, after that module will be activated.

Also, there is a task manager option, if you want to kill the running process or pause or stop the application you just do not want to use at the present time.

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