What Is Waifu.lofiu Apk?

Today there are many image processing applications for android that can give new look to your photos and selfie. Everyone might have heard about manga characters that are quite funny and one always imagine to see themselves in such comic character. So, for such users, Waifu.lofiu Apk is the best option as it can convert selfie to any manga character.

This app can easily be downloading and installed in the device to find yourself in manga characters. The working of the app is quite simple and everyone can try for it. This app does not require you to pay anything as registration or subscription charges as everything is available for free.

It is not just an image processing app but is also full of excitement as one turns themselves in any anime character. You can download the app from waifu.lofiu.com in your device.

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Waifu.lofiu Apk

How to use Waifu.lofiu Apk?

The app has a simple interface so that everyone can use it with ease. Once you have downloaded the app you are required to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • If you already have the photo just click on “Upload Selfie “else select “Take a selfie “button.  You are free to use any of the given options.
  • Once you upload the photo wait for the process to convert photo into animation, manga, or wibu.
  • Lastly, you can save the new image and share it with friends on different social media platforms. Try to use the photo with a simple background and also the face must be clear and big.

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Pros of Waifu.lofiu

  1. The interface of the app is very simple and you are just required to upload the selfie. The app gives the option to upload an existing photo or take selfies immediately.
  2. This application is easy to use and is very light in weight. So, if you have a simple android device you can still install and use the Waifu.lofiu Apk.
  3. You can easily edit the photos with this app and thus get an attractive look.
  4. It also gives the option to share the new image with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  5. The app is just for fun and so you don’t require any special skill to use the app. Moreover, it won’t overload your device as it is a simple processing image processing app.
  6. You can also use this app on a website platform to convert your stored image in attractive characters.

It is quite difficult to convert photos into manga character but with this app it becomes easy. There is no need to have any skill or special editing software as this app can make it in minutes. You are just required to upload the selfie and wait to get your manga character. Everyone will find the app easy to use and thus share these comic characters with your friends. If you are also looking for any such app which is just for fun go for Waifu.lofiu.