What Is The Walking Dead Our World APK?

The Walking Dead Our World APK is the brand new walking dead AR game in the same vein as Pokemon go and the more recent Jurassic World Alive Now. If you missed the whole Pokemon go craze, allow me to kind of explain what type of game is. Basically, this is an excuse to walk around your town or your city burn some calories to get your steps in.

So the game is GPS enabled so as you walk around your town you will encounter zombies and you kill those zombies. They are gonna drop loot rescue survivors and they’ll use those type of resources to build on your own safe houses, to upgrade your characters.

To unlock your favorite characters from the show all kinds of stuff rinse and repeat. And be social, because of a lot of this game does have a lot of social aspects. So this is AR game and GPS is very important so zombies can’t get to unless I literally walk outside and get closer to them.

But infestations are a little bit different so I can actually do this from the comfort of my department. In infestation, you can get a lot of weapons and your favorite character from the show. So once you choose your weapon and character you have to fight with zombies, and here is the combat so as opposed to like throwing Pokeballs at peoples or to use drones to shoot dinosaurs.

The Walking Dead Our World APK

You’re basically killing zombies in The Walking Dead Our World game, and the headshot is very important to kill those zombies. And once you cleared the stage, and you’ll get some loots, which are some Coins.

So you can use those coins to increase your stamina and buying weapons such as a grenade, gun, pistol, and characters etc.

How To Download The Walking Dead Our World APK?

So here I am going to tell you how to Download The Walking Dead Our World APK for Android & iOS devices. This game bringing walkers into the real world, and fight walkers on the street, and the park, and your sofa, whenever and wherever you feel. You don’t need to face the apocalypse alone; Rick, Daryl, Michonne and all your favorite characters.

You need to follow some simple steps to get this application, first of all, you must visit its official website or Google Play Store to install it directly on your Android device. And for the iOS devices, you’ll have to visit the iTunes store.

Please be patient, when you are going to download or install. Because every process takes some time.

Walking Dead Our World APK

To download The Walking Dead Our World APK, scroll down below and unlock the download link and press download and enjoy.

Install The Walking Dead Our World APK

You’ll have to pass and turn off the security of your Android device when you are going to install an APK file. To do that go to Device Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tick a mark on it.

Once you do that, open The Walking Dead Our World APK and tap on install button. And Enjoy the game.

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