Warhammer 40k App

Warhammer 40k App

The best way to enjoy leisure time is by playing different games on mobile. There are uncountable games for people of all age that can keep them entertained. Many of us love war games as such are quite intense and can keep you engaged for hours. Developers are trying out something new and innovative in such battle games and one such game which is very popular today is Warhammer.

It is a tabletop miniature war game that is launched by Games Workshop company(GW). This game is all about rules and so to help out players they have recently launched Warhammer 40k App that can make wargame more interesting.

What is Warhammer 40k App?

People who love playing Warhammer are required to visit the Warhammer community to know about core rules. But with this app, it becomes easy to play your favorite tabletop game as it includes battle rules along with codexes, and thus accordingly you can plan your army. No one likes to get defeated in the game and so to increase chances of winning GW came up with a supportive app that contains all required information.

This app is available for free and will help you to concentrate more on the game and not on books. It is very important to know the rules of this war game as you proceed and so with Warhammer 40k App, you can get everything in your device. The app is available on Google plays tore and so you can easily install it. The app has some exceptional features for subscribed users but if you are not willing to pay there is something useful in the app.


  • Rules

The Warhammer war game is all about rules which need players to check out in the book or the community. But with the app, it becomes easy to access rules and thus get new gaming experience. The core rules are available in the PDF format which is the same just as in the Warhammer community.

  • Access Codexes

You can easily browse codexes through the app and thus plan your force accordingly. The release of a new edition in the game you can get the codexes and datasheet in the app. It also gives access to supplements with codes.


  1. Why use Warhammer 40K?

To make tabletop war game easy to play this app comes with battle rules, codexes in the form of an app. This would make it easy to know core rules, access to datasheets, weapons, and much more. It would help to concentrate more on the game rather than in books or the Warhammer community.

  1. What are the upcoming features in the app?

Developers are getting positive response from players and so they are looking to improve functionality that can prove very helpful in the game. In the future, it would have a Battle forge and army list creator is that players can plan their force smartly.

  1. How to get a free subscription of premium features?

Developers are about to start a competition and whoever participates in it will have a chance to win a 1-year subscription for free. One can visit the site to check out rule sand other conditions that are applied to the completion.

Warhammer 40k App is an app that helps to make war games very easy to fight. This app consists of game rules and many other such details that are very important for players. The app still misses some features but yet the existing edition has something special to help you out with gaming. The app is available on Google play store and it is free so everyone can just install and make themselves ahead in the war game.