What Is Wattpad 8.64 Apk?

The immense growth in the digital platform has helped people in many ways. It has given the option to open up in public and one such app is watt pad. It is the storytelling platform that is loved by readers and writers community. This social platform has a good fan following and there are nearly 80+million people who are using this platform. Wattpad 8.64 Apk has created a community for story lovers where they can write stories or read stories.

This app comes with the premium version also but if you are not willing to invest anything don’t go its premium version. The free version of the app also has all the required features. You can easily download the app from the Google play store. Recently the developers have released watt pad 8.64 beta versions to add new features. To get real feedback this beta version can also be installed from the play store.

Wattpad 8.64 Apk

Why Wattpad 8.64 Apk beta version is available for people?

The beta version by developers is made available for its writers and readers on Google play store.  They have introduced new features that need thorough testing. According to developers, no one can give feedback on these experienced features rather than their users. The main reason for early access is to experiment with all such new features so that there is no scope of any mistakes.

One who is a true story lover and is a big fan of this app must surely opt for the beta version. The feedback from the users will help developers to solve the bug. There are chances that Wattpad 8.64 Apk has more bugs as compared to the usual app because it is in the beta stage.

Why use the Wattpad Premium Apk 2020?

Wattpad Premium Apk 2020 has introduced a new social storytelling platform where people are free to read and write stories. The main aim of the app is to help people join the community of people who have the same interest and thus help each other. Some of the reason why watt pad is having good popularity is as follows:

  • If you are a story writer and willing to get it to share with people watt pad gives the option to share your story. You can use your skill and hobby to come up with some best stories and share with Wattpad where readers would appreciate your hard work. 
  • Wattpad also helps unrecognized writers who have the immense talent to get connected with big companies to boost their careers.
  • If you love reading stories but willing to get some originality this platform is the best. You can read original stores in more than 50 languages that are written by talented writers. There is a collection of the genre like romance, adventure, fantasy, adult fiction, comedy, drama, thriller, much more.
  • This social storytelling platform works as a community where readers and writers connect with other people who have the same passion. Readers give out real feedback to the stories that help to improve and also encourage pursuing this hobby. You can even share some of your favorite stories with friends and thus read together.
  • The Wattpad Premium Apk 2020 also gives the option to create your library where you can save favorite stories. This app is compatible with Kindle, PC, mobile, and tablet. So, just sync your account and create your story library.
  • Many blockbuster series are also dependent on stories that are been shared on watt pad. Some of the examples are Anna Todd seriesthe kiss on Booth, and much more. So you can read the stories before it is been released on such a big platform.

Watt pad has helped people to pursue their hobby and is one of the reasons that it is getting a great fan following. Developers are forced to release new features looking at their demand and so came up with Wattpad 8.64 beta versions. To get real errors and issues this beta version is released for the user and thus getting early access will help to release the bug-free app. If you are also a writer or reader who spent a good time using this app must surely get this beat version and give read feedbacks.

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