What do you mean by the Weet IK Veel App?

wie is de mol app werkt niet 2019: The app named The Weet IK Veel App which means I KNOW MUCH is actually a game program in which the general knowledge of the Netherlands is being tested.

The participants of this game are presented with 50 knowledge questions which are all about general knowledge be it from the pop music and history to sport, science and topography.

These questions are also regularly supported by photos, videos or sound clips. Through this App, you will also be able to play from home! All the questions in the App are worth 2 points as you will see in the program itself.

You can win a total of 100 points. For example, if you scored 68 points, it is as though you have achieved a 6.8 mark as a grade. So, remember to pay attention and score as many points as possible!

 Weet IK Veel App
Weet IK Veel App

About the Game and the Weet IK Veel App:

Every weekend night, you can play along together with the quiz ‘Do I Know’. The knowledge quiz which has got a total of 50 questions about the most diverse subjects is as much fun to play.

Also think of history, general knowledge, sports, topography, music and much more. Questions are updated on a daily basis whether it be photos, videos and sound clips. The questions also consist of multiple-choice or answers that you just need to put in the right order.

The operation of the Know I Many app runs synchronously with the television broadcast. So, we feel as though we are also totally involved in the game along with the TV contestants.

How to download the Game?

Who would not love to play and win in games that too if you get to sit at the comfort of your home and play it along your family and friends. Therefore, if you are thinking of how to download the game, then you are at the correct place.

Just log in to your Google Play Store account or your App Store and get the game downloaded very easily. If you own an iPhone with iOS, you can download the application from the App Store also. The application works on both the smartphone and on the tablet.

How is the Gameplay?

The app will be seen as the second screen. Before the program starts, make sure to log in and you can win prizes from the very start. You receive two points for every correct answered question. In total you can earn 100 points.

For example, once you have gained 72 points, this amounts to a final grade of 7.2 and at the end, you will see your point score and you can share your achieved scores with your friends or family and it is fun to see who is smarter?

Via the Weet IK Veel app, you can also see in between which province, which gender and which age group up to that moment has answered most of the questions right. In the knowledge quiz, there will also be three celebrities and 300 students in 2018 who compete for a place in the final. And it always good to know that the money won in the final is for a good cause.

How to Play the Game from Home?

In the quiz, there are about 300 students with an HBO or university degree and three well-known Dutch will ultimately receive 50 multiple-choice questions about general knowledge.

After these fifty questions, the best-performing Known Dutchman and student go to the final round, where they try and collect the highest possible amount of money. But before the starts, the famous Dutch person announces which personal charity he or she is donating the amount of money they have won.

The student receives 25% of the money that the famous Dutchman wins. So, during this broadcast of the game, you can also win online or through the second screen and with the Weet IK Veel app, which is just by answering the same questions as in the broadcast. A weekly prize is also being raffled among the best performing participants.

More in to the details of the Weet IK Veel App:

The Weet IK Veel App was first launched or started on the 9th of March 2013 where the first episode of Weet IK Veel was broadcasted. The Guests of the show were Anky van Grunsven, Art Rooijakkers and Spike.

Moreover, the episode was mainly characterized by the failing “second screen”; as the online activities on the site and also on the app did not work due to the technical defects mainly because of the excessive interest. The program then went totally viral on Twitter with the hashtag “” weetikfail “‘.

But this failure did not stop the show or calm it. In fact, it came out with a bang with its second season where you can play along with the TV contestants on your mobile app which is the Weet-IK-Veel app. Now. those who do not have a smartphone or tablet can also play along with a pen and paper to find out how much they score in the game.

For the final score, the correct answers must then be counted and multiplied by 2 with a comma in between, this will be the report mark. Yes, imagine getting to play at your home and then counting your points to know your score. In the second season, the prize which is to be won was the board game Weet IK Veel.

And then from the third to the sixth season, the price was a tablet and then the seventh season it became a printer. Furthermore, it is also great to play as the home winner is drawn from the app players who wins the same amount as the student in the final which is 25% of the total amount of the famous Dutchman in the final.

This home winner was initially called live from the studio to collect his gift. Since the fifth season, in 2017, the home winner is no longer called apps, but his or her name appears after the final. So, download the game now to get counted in the real game show.


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