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cara menyadap hp suami dengan mudah dan cepat tanpa aplikasi : Today I’m to going a popular app that’s name is ‘Whatsapps Messenger’, everyone knows about this apps already. ‘Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK’ is well-known apps that have in multiple formats Example: Android, Nokia, Microsoft Phone, Smartphone, Apple iPhone, Pc, and much more device supports iPhone WhatsApp htv apk download.

Now in this world Whatsapps use all, Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK is the better community in Today. WhatsApp’s is one of the way where everyone connects with you those have your contact list and if anyone hasn’t your contact list but you have to talk with him urgently then just save this number on your mobile and instantly Whatsapp July 2018 APK latest version connects with him and add with your friend list.

‘Whatsapp Messenger’ Developed by Whatsapp Inc, Owned by Facebook Inc.

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, Both former employees of Yahoo. In October 2014, iPhone Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users in India. You think so how many users will online over the world. Whatsapp messenger is a top #1 messenger in the world. This messenger has many new features that will like everyone.

Now whatsapp versi 2.18.329 is a mostly online community place. Here you can send Photos, Videos, Sent audio of your own voice, you can send your original location, send too many stickers, any file that you want and much more you can send via your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp’s not charged you any of cost within one year, I mean download whatsapp versi terbaru yakni 2.18.329 is a trial version for 1 year, after one year WhatsApp will charge you 55 rupees or 0.99$ per one year.

Now you can enjoy one year with trail pack and after one year you give 55rupies to whatsapps and enjoy one more year, if anytime you haven’t money on your wallet so don’t worry buddies you can ask you, friend, to pay for you some money that’s all.You can pay money after one year passed via many options.

You have no problem to hack your WhatsApp account Because WhatsApp security is too hard. Some operator gives you free WhatsApp use offer. you will get the amazing experience when you use ios whatsapp versi 2.18.329 Android, you can hide your personal information like Your profile picture, your mobile number etc. Whatsapp uses your 3G or WIFI to a conversation with your friends and family.

Once you and your friend download the application you can use it to chat as much you want, Sent billion message to your friends in one day. You can enjoy with Group Chat whit your contact also. Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK does not charge you any International Charge when you sent mail.

Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have Whatsapp messenger 2.18.329 APK installs and avoid those pesky international SMS. You can choose your likely and your favorite wallpaper for your download whatsapp versi terbaru yakni 2.18.329 chats. Why even bother having to remember yet another Pin and Username? Whatsapp works with your phone number just like SMS would and integrates flawlessly with your phonebook.

You don’t always have to stare at the same, boring background on the chat screen. You can choose a background to appear in this window by going to the wallpaper option in the chats menu. Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK is the best community messenger in the world. On somewhere, you look that Whatsapp not free but love4apk give you offer to download this messenger without any of cost.

Here has the latest version of Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK Download that name ‘Whatsapps +’, Whatsapp this new version also available on 9 apps, here all apps are originally coming from the Official website. Save important photos and videos that’s you received from your contacts or your friends easily, just open your selected photos and videos it will automatically save on your Phone ( Saved Location: Whatsapp/media/WhatsApp image and videos folder and another file will save their folders in the same location.

You can send many photos at one time how? When you want to send any photos to your friends so click the attachment and then processed on gallery then choose any photos that you want to send, well you can give any caption on this sanded image before sending.

When you want to send your voice record to your contact so send with any doubt because Whatsapp 2.18.329 APP record your voice at clearly and that’s file size is too low that easily sent to your friend as quickly. You can save your data share on Facebook and her also. In WhatsApp for Android, you can see all the files that you have sent and received by clicking on the media button in the chat menu. See How to use Whatsapp? …

How To Use Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK?

  • Go play store
  • Find Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK
  • Download and Install on Your Device (Android, Apple ISO, Smartphone, Pc etc)
  • Allow WhatsApp to access your contacts and send you to push notifications.
  • Enter Your mobile number.
  • This is how people find you on WhatsApp
    Fill your name.

This is how your name will show up in chats with other people that don’t already have your number saved in your phonebook. You can use Facebook information if you feel lazy.

Find a friend to chat with by tapping the favorites button at the bottom of the screen then hitting their name. ios Whatsapp 2.18.329 APK will automatically add your contacts that’s are already on Whatsapp.
Going to chats screen and tapping the new chat bottom.
Enter your message and hit send.
You can send photos, videos etc that’s you want.
We think you Understand and Enjoy to read About the Whatsapp 2.18.329. If any problem you have shown when you download WhatsApp or after download so please write below and hit comment bottom, we will solve your problem within 24 hours a day. We hope you like this article so give your feedback below.
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